Saturday Special: Mark Fassett writes and publishes and…

Remember that guy I mentioned who developed StoryBox? Yeah, that great guy… Mark Fassett. You know he’s a writer also, right? Of course you did. 🙂 Well, lately my writer buddy has been pounding hard at the keyboards and has come out with a few releases.

The Sacrifice of Mendleson Mooney

The Sacrifice of Mendleson Moony Cover

Fisherman Mendleson Moony lost his family in a fire. Four years later, he still mourns and has given up the sea to farm his land.

Henrietta Swooth, the Seer that has lived across the road from him for the last three years, has a secret. She knows the time and place of her death, and she must soon leave to meet it.

A vision sends her to the summer festival, where she and Mendleson talk for the first time, When he touches her hand, everything changes, and not for the better.

Mendleson comes away with a desire to save her. She comes away knowing that his attempts to save her will see him dead at her side.

Can Mendleson overcome his loss to find love again? Is it already too late?

E-Book Paperback

Game Interrupted

Game Interrupted

What is a game designer supposed to do when his net-junkie girlfriend is jacked in at a lavish party thrown by his old partner and is singled out by a woman with red-colored eyes?


Zombies Ate My Mom

I hear from a pretty good source, Mark is coming out with a new book in a few days. In fact, if you sign up for his newsletter, he’ll even provide you instructions on how to obtain a free copy! Now how’s that for a deal. Offer expires March 22, 2012.


Something Weird + Spontaneous Giveaway

Okay, I haven’t been posting regularly. Shame on me. I’m hoping to remedy that situation soon by participating in some blog tours. If you’re an author and need a stop, keep me in mind. 🙂 I want that to be my new thing here.

So the weird. I have no idea what’s been going on with my auto-thingie around this place. Last week, I must have pushed the publish button before finishing my Saturday Special post. Then when I tried to fix it, it wouldn’t post… or rather didn’t repost. Gah! Well, I’ve rescheduled that one for this Saturday.

Odd thing today though. I don’t know if you all did, but I received an auto-email about a January post today. What’s the deal with that!? I checked my blog calendar to see if I accidentally moved it, and nope. Everything looks as it should be.

Oh, I hope things work themselves out. Well, I’m rambling, as I’ve been known to do. I don’t even know if I’m making sense. I hope no one unsubscribes because of it. Usually I don’t simply ramble unless I have something to offer in addition.

You all didn’t notice, but I just had a long pause where I thought “why not offer something… but what?” Okay… so I’m changing the title of this post from “Something Weird” to “Something Weird + Spontaneous Giveaway.”

This is how you enter, because I’m lazy in a not so spontaneous way. 🙂

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That’s it. This giveaway will last a week long, plus a few spontaneous days. Ends April 1, and that’s no joke.

Oh yeah! The prizes!

Let’s go with 3 winners this time.

First Prize

Your Choice ($20 value): $20 eGift Card at B&N, $20 worth of books at The Book Depository (TBD), or $20 worth of books at Smashwords. The winner can mix and match even as long as the total doesn’t exceed $20. So if you want to do $10 at Smashwords and a $10 B&N card, that’s fine. Or $15 at TBD and $5 at Smashwords, you’re good.

Second Prize

Your Choice ($10 value): You’re choice of $10 worth of books at TBD or Smashwords. Again, you’re free to mix and match as long as your prize doesn’t exceed $10.

Third Prize

Indie Support ($5 value): What can I say. I’m an indie author who supports indie authors. 🙂 Third prize winner may pick out $5 worth of books at Smashwords.

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Saturday Special: Elizabeth Kolodziej and Kickstarter

It’s been a while since I’ve updated Ramblings of an Amateur Writer. Well, my writing buddy, Elizabeth Kolodziej has pulled me out of hiding. She’s gearing up for her next book in the Last Witch series. If you’re not familiar with the Last Witch series, definitely head over to Elizabeth’s blog and check it out.

A while back, I had the opportunity to read the second in the series, Werewolf Descent (my review here). I have to say it was quite enjoyable, and I’ve been looking for the next in the series. Well, it looks like the next book is on the horizon. Thing is, my writer buddy is looking for a bit of help to get her next book kickstarted.

Enough of my rambling, let’s have her tell you about it!

A little about me and a lot about this project

My name is Elizabeth J Kolodziej and I have been writing about the paranormal all my life (cliche, I know) however, I didn’t know until my early twenties that my writing might be something other people want to read too! Go figure. Writing is my passion and I found that I also love the marketing, publishing and everything that goes into the process of getting a book printed. It’s said that most indie authors won’t sell more than a 100 copies of there book. In one year I sold, not gave away, but sold over 1,000 copies of Vampyre Kisses.

I was very lucky to have a family that believed in me and sponsored me when I needed it. Sadly, March 22nd 2012 will be the one year anniversary of my father, David Kolodziej, death. Without him in my life I have had to fight and work long hours to get the money for my books to be printed. Now, it is getting to the point where I’m running out of ways to get the money for publishing and marketing Witch Devotions, the third book in the Last Witch Series. Because it is the third I want to be able to give this book everything it deserves. A terrific cover (with a live model), creame paper, advertising on websites and much more.

Details of the Plan

Witch Devotions is done and just about ready for print. I have already put together the marketing plan for Witch Devotions, which will entail:

Button advertising on five big sites that are book blogs or book related sites.

Setting up a blog hop AND a blog tour

Blog radio spots during the month of release

Book reviews from places like RT BookLovers, Kirkus, Amazon Vine, Apex, Reader Views, etc.

Making a book trailer

Release “party” on

And much more. I have never done something as big as this for a marketing plan since I have never had enough money to do it. Most of my marketing for my series was free. I know this series is great though and with the third book out it will get so many more readers. That is if I can get your help.

Synopsis for Vampyre Kisses

Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith, who was content with her life, but deep down craved more excitement. Then a mysterious man named Trent enters her life and everything changes. Surprising to Faith, Trent is a green-eyed vampire from Ireland. She is even more surprised to find out that she is a witch, and the last of her kind.

Faith finds out that she is destined to restore her witch line and becomes more powerful as she gains confidence and knowledge, but danger lurks everywhere. Especially when unknown assailants steal the most important gems from the vampire master and werewolf royalty.

Now surrounded by a world full of mystifying vampires and werewolves, can Faith gain enough power to help her friends and rescue the stolen gems?

Synopsis for Werewolf Descent

Last witch in the world, Faith Scott, and her Irish vampire boyfriend Trent have just come back from fighting for their lives to recover the Vampiric Blood gem and Werewolf Moon gem. Thinking they could finally relax and work on the romance growing between them, they now meet a mysterious psychic vampire named Vincent who has his heart set on being with Faith.

Soon bizarre killings of Zou Tai’s werewolf pack begin, with rumors of an alchemist possessing the famed philosophers stone being the assailant; which, causes Faith to turn to Vincent for help in figuring out why the werewolves are being murdered.

It isn’t long before all those around them test Trent and Faith’s love, along with their abilities, once again. It is all Trent can do to keep Faith safe by his side while both go up against a deadly alchemist, deceptive gods, and having to rescue the werewolf prince; yet, after a deal with the God of Werewolves will Trent be able to save himself too?

Working synopsis for Witch Devotions:

With Trent gone, Faith feels that she can not go on without him. The pain grows so intense that she even shuts out her friends and loved ones to be alone; unsure of what to think about the supernatural world anymore. However, on a trip to see Gordon she realizes what she can do to make the pain go away. A spell.

The spell ends up back firing and Faith, last witch in the world, has now forgotten the past six months. All the memories of vampires, werewolves, and guardians have vanished. And the first to find her is Louis, her mother’s close friend and slayer.

With webs of lies and deceit falling upon her ears, Faith doesn’t know what is up and down. Then Louis gives her the option to become a slayer and she takes it, thinking vampires are evil. Along with the Goddess Circe interfering, Lilith still missing and Faith unable to remember Trent no one knows what will happen next!

Then walks in Patrick who has a secret about him that he doesn’t even realize. Through him Morgan finds out where Faith is and fly’s to Vegas to save her, but Faith is more untrusting that a rabid wolf.

Are these vampires and werewolves telling her the truth? Is she a witch in love with a vampire? Or will she proceed with being a slayer? The coin is still up in the air…and Faith doesn’t know where her devotions lie.

Along with this series, I write short stories and novellas under my own company name and other publishers. To learn more about me, my books, and see reviews please go to

What about money left over?

I’ll be amazed if there is BUT for such an occasion know that the money will go into the next book in the series and getting it published.

I hope you will contribute!

<3’s and fangs,

Liz ^_^

Learn more about Elizabeth Kolodziej’s Kicktarter Project here