Kindle Unlimited

Now Kindle Unlimited?

Hmm… We had Kindle Select. Now we have Kindle Unlimited. I was a somewhat early adopter of Kindle Select. I did one round when it first came out… I think? I’m pretty sure, at least.

If I recall, Kindle Select didn’t benefit me much at all. I think it made a slight blip. Over all, I think it was more of a wash, since I had to unpublished my books from other sites.

The Great Kindle Select Ploy

Quite a few authors hopped on the Kindle Select bandwagon. I don’t know so much these days. I believe the popularity of Kindle Select was a result of old ways of doing things.

Prior to Kindle Select, there was a period of about a year that Amazon did this free-book matching thing. Oh… it was wonderful. I think I was offering Brandon’s Story for free on other sites at the time. Amazon only gave self-publishers the option to price their books at $0.99 back then.

Then one day, I woke up and found my little unknown book had been downloaded for free 100s of times. I don’t remember how far up the ranks it rose, but it was in the top 10 for quite some time. It was glorious. Even though I wasn’t making money on my free book, my poor, struggling Shadow Cat was bringing in quite a few sales. Not get rich sales, but enough sales to make me smile. 🙂

Later, I noticed I was receiving sales for Brandon’s Story too. It was still free, but once in a while it’d get some paid hits. It occurred to me, that not only was my free book popular… but it also had potential for some earnings of it’s own. So… I put a price tag on it.

And people purchased it! I rode those sells out for quite a few weeks.

So when authors who hadn’t been as lucky as I’d been during those freebie days saw Kindle Select being offered (includes 5 days of free promotions), many jumped at the chance. However, when everyone is doing it, it becomes a lot less effective. Plus, 5 days of promotions doesn’t really give a book a chance to establish itself. Add that to the fact, Amazon started tweaking their algorithm to give less weight to free books, and it becomes a not so worthy system.

The New Game

So now we have this new feature… Kindle Unlimited. It’s actually a part of Kindle Select. It gives readers access to 600K+ worth of books, books which are enrolled in Kindle Select. In the past, Authors were paid when readers downloaded their book for free through the Amazon Prime program. Authors got a piece of the big pie… each download was worth a certain percentage of the pie. If 100 books were downloaded the month, and 3 of them were yours, you got 3% of the pie. Of course, far more than just 100 book were downloaded each month… I’m just throwing out easy numbers. If I’m not mistaken, readers were limited one free book a month.

With Kindle Unlimited, readers can download an unlimited number of books a month. Authors still get a piece of the pie. However, a reader needs to cruise through about 10% of the book for the author to get credit.

Dare Reena Try it?

For those who don’t know. Book promotion is an ongoing thing for authors. If the author doesn’t promote the book (and keep writing), their books get forgotten. Stop pointing fingers at me!

I’ve been out of the game for going on 2 years? Wow! Time flies. As expected, my book sales have dropped DRASTICALLY. I used to stalk the online book stores to see how much money I’d made that day. Now, I check every few months. I still receive monthly royalty checks, along with the notices that accompany them. Half the time, I don’t even bother to see how much it is. I’m lucky if it’s enough to buy my husband and me a dinner (no tip). haha

So when I got the email today about Kindle Unlimited, I started calculating. Should this barely known and forgotten author hop on the Kindle Select bandwagon to enjoy the benefits of Kindle Unlimited?

I don’t know…

What’s This Exclusivity Thingie?

The big drawback to participating in Kindle Select is the exclusivity clause. In order to participate, I’d have to take all the versions of my book off the other sites. Hmmm….

I scrolled through my ever so limited collection. Which book was I willing to sacrifice? At first, I thought Brandon’s Story! Yes… that’s the one. It’s a pretty good loss leader. I started surfing where Brandon’s Story was on sale and realized I also have it packaged in a combo set. If I put Brandon’s Story up, I’d also have take down the combo package from other sites. If I took the combo down, then it’d make sense to add it to the Kindle Select program too. And if it’s there, then Regina’s Story would be there too. Putting either of the first two books meant I’d have to unpublished 3 books.

I didn’t like that. I faced the same situation with the Injustice is Served series. Boo! I also didn’t like the idea of unpublishing Shadow Cat or I Loved You First.

I was just about to throw in the towel and say screw you Amazon, when I saw my unloved Unprotected story. It NEVER garnished much attention. It’s so lonely… not a part of a series… no future… It is what it is.


So at last, Amazon caught me. I unpublished all the versions of Unprotected and enrolled it in Kindle Select. For those who have Amazon Prime and you want to use your precious one free book on Unprotected, it’s there for you! For you Kindle Unlimited folks who can download to your hearts content, pick up Unprotected. It’s a short read.

On a  Side Note

As I was visiting my KDP dashboard, I noticed another feature… the ability to offer electronic versions at a discount to individuals who’ve picked up the print version. I enrolled both Shadow Cat and I Loved You First into it.

As a reader, I never liked the idea of paying full price for electronic versions. If the electronic version was the same price as the print or similar, I’d purchase the print. Not that it was more convenient. It’s just that, it just didn’t jive with me… why would a virtual copy be as pricy as a print copy. There’s no printing or shipping involved.

So! For those who have my print version, you can now snatch the digital version at a significant discount. Hmm… let me see… Ah! Yes. It seems I’ve priced my digital version at the grand price of FREE, if you’ve already purchased the print version through Amazon.

I wish I had known that option was available sooner. I would have enrolled long ago. *blows air kisses* Thank you! Thank you, my loyal supporters!

Anyway, I can’t say how long the free price will last. I have moments of greediness.

This Post…

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Yes… a little shameless advertising. 🙂

Blog Tour: Jenna Jacob’s Embracing My Submission (The Doms Of Genesis Book 1)

It’s been forever since I participated in a blog tour. Well… it’s been forever since a lot of things. Anyway… I’m loving this cover! Introducing Jenna Jacob’s new release…

Jenna Jacob
“Embracing My Submission”
Haunted for years by dreams of a savage, amber eyed Dominant with lips so enticing my soul ached in frustration and lust. None of the Dominants at Genesis, my local BDSM club ever stirred me in such blistering ways. While I tried to fill my submissive desires vicariously through interactions at the club, I attempted to convince myself it was enough. But it wasnít. My dream Dom made certain I hungered for more. 

Forced beyond what I could bear, my passion and frustration exploded. I threw in the towel, determined to stop chasing a dream and gave up completely on finding submissive surrender. But fate intervened when two gunshots split the night. Forced to confront my desires and insecurities, I was shocked to realize that my dreams may have held a deeper meaning. Were they compelling me to finally embrace my submission?
***Book 1***
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Embracing My Submission



Jenna Jacob is married and lives in Kansas. A lover of music, cooking, camping, and riding Harleys on the open country roads. When she was thirteen she began writing–and not on a stone tablet, as her youngest son often teases. There is always a plot bubbling inside her head that has to be written.
With four grown children, she finally has time to paint the pictures of her twisted mind with words. Outgoing with a sassy sense of humor, she’s never once been accused of being shy. With nearly twenty years of experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, she strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice.Author Links:



Twitter:  @JennaJacob3


Moms are great!

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother. Mostly because she’s awesome and is a rockin’ support system.

There have been quite a few times that I’ve been unkind to my mother or less than compassionate. From time to time, my mother will bring up one of my uncaring moments, and it bums me to find out that I’d hurt her in the past.

It’s interesting… these days I look back at some of those moments and find I’m walking her shoes today. I look in the mirror and I see her. It’s an odd thing for me… because I look nothing like the person in my 20s… the person I expect to see. Instead, I look like her… or my grandmother. 🙂

To be honest, it irritates me to see my mother instead of me. Don’t get me wrong… my mother is beautiful (and that’s not to say I see the same beauty in me). It’s just that I want to be my own person. Despite being annoyed that I look like someone else, I still have days I’m thankful I see my mother’s face in mine. I know one day, my mother will be gone, and my face will be the only living reminder I’ll have of her. When those thoughts enter my mind… I find myself grateful that I look like my mom.

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean shows lately. 🙂 I’ve always thought my mom was the best… certainly better than the moms my friends had. Watching these Korean shows (yes, I understand they’re fiction) has shown me there are other great moms out there also. They come to the rescue of their children. They root for them. They comfort them. For me, it’s a reminder that moms are great.

My mother was there for the birth of my first two children. She was my coach… or rather the panicked woman next to me. Labor is bad… but with my mother it was bearable. I think about the times when women were the only ones in the room during childbirth, and it makes sense. My mother understood what I was going through.

I compare it to my last child, where I only had my husband. 🙁 I don’t want to say he was useless… but I think back, and I still get upset that my mother wasn’t there. That was over 7 years ago, and I still can’t talk about that experience without feeling fire. Whereas my first two labors were bearable, I simply made it through the last ones. Because of my experience, I tell my daughters I’ll be with them during their labor. I just can’t imagine them having to suffer like I did without their mother.

I’m gearing up to have a hysterectomy this year. I talked to my husband first. And even though he cares, his demeanor told me he’d rather just have the problem not exist. I called my mom, who’d had a hysterectomy about a decade ago. Of course, she was completely engaged. She told me how life changing her hysterectomy was and that she wished she’d had one sooner instead of suffering through her 40s. We talked about our similar experiences that led to our decision. She asked me when I planned to have the surgery, so she could take off time to take care of me… like her mom (who had also had a hysterectomy) had done for her.

Until recently, I never really understood how precious my grandmother was to my mom. Mostly because I have the greatest mom in the world, and it never really occurred to me that my mom might have an equally great mom. I guess I didn’t see it.

Growing up, we lived in Washington and my mom’s parents lived in South Carolina. I recall visiting my grandparents in the summer, but seldom did my mom come with us. After I moved out of the house, had kids of my own, and my grandfather died, my grandmother started traveling. She took her first plane trip to visit my mom over the summer. My kids were also in the habit of visiting my mom during the summer (without me). Again, I didn’t get to see the relationship my mother had with her mom.

My grandmother died a couple of years after my mother had her hysterectomy. It was an awful time. My mom called herself an orphan. I still didn’t understand the relationship she had with her mother. To be honest, Grandpa was my favorite. I thought he was everyone’s favorite. In my mind, her reference to being an orphan was because she’d lost her last parent. After all these years, I see it was more than that.

My mom has been sharing the times Grandma has been there for her. She’s told me in the past, but I’ve only recently started to take what she says to heart. I’ve come to realize that her mom meant the same to her as she does to me. Just as I think my mom is the greatest in the world, my mom thinks her mom was.

It makes me feel horribly sad and eternally grateful at the same time. Sad that my mom lost someone as precious to her as she is to me… it makes me tearful thinking that my mom doesn’t have someone (a mom) to care for her like I do. I even feel guilt that I can’t take the place of her mom. Then I think about how my mom has been there for me, and I’m so very, very thankful that Mom had Grandma. My grandmother had been there for mom in a way I had never been.

My grandmother makes me want to be a better daughter. I know I can’t be like Grandma, but I want to give back to my mom what was taken away when Grandma died.

Reviving the Writer

Steve left an encouraging comment to me the other day. It really got me thinking. So his comment.

Steve Evans says:

Hey Reena – you are a writer. An editor too, but a writer first off. Just because you’ve not written anything for a while doesn’t change that even one little tiny smidgen of an iota.

I worked in the media for a number of years because I thought it would help me to be a “proper writer” that is, a novelist. I was wrong. As you say,work just sucked out the energy. But I learned a lot about writing and when I chucked it and started writing fiction, it was a great help.

Anyway the point is that you never know what the future will bring. You have a great attitude about writing, and about life – so say I.

Hope the NatNoMo goes just exactly as you would wish.


For awhile now, I’ve had the idea in my head that writers write. Anyone with a published piece of work could be an author indefinitely, but writing was a status you had to constantly do to achieve. I still believe that… writers write.

Steve said, “Hey Reena — you are a writer.”  I have to admit, it gave me a boost. However, I also had to ask myself, if I’m a writer… what the heck was I doing not writing? Haha

I thought of my unrealistic goal of knocking out a short story each week. That was the goal I made last week. I make all sorts of lofty goals I’ll never accomplish. That’s just me. 🙂 And to be honest… it’s difficult to even get started on an unrealistic goal because it’s like trying to eat an elephant in one sitting.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking about my muse… and where it had gone. I thought about how ideas used to float to me in the shower. How I’d dream of plots and scenes to write the next day. Now… I don’t know where that creativity has gone. It’s kind of like going to school. As long as you keep going, your brain stays fresh and ready to work. Take a few decades off and it’s a struggle to get back into the game. HOWEVER… it only takes a few weeks/months for the brain to reboot and get in the learning mode.

I think writing is the same way (or so I hope).

I’m all over the place here. I guess that’s why it’s called rambling. Let’s get back to writers write. Instead of the elephant of a goal of writing a short story each week, I can begin by writing a little every day… something that doesn’t overwhelm me. It brought to mind I Loved You First.

I believe I was about half-way into writing the novel. It’d been on the side burner for awhile. Then I came across this group whichhad a daily goal of writing 100 words. I did some calculations and realized if I wrote 100 words a day, I’d have the book finished in about 6 months. What was great about the 100 words was it was outside of my current writing project. In my mind, it’d be a way to complete one extra book that year, which might never have been completed.

So now… I’m thinking to myself… why can’t I do that now? Why I can’t I be a writer who writes 100 words a day?

The Sun Still RisesThank you for your words of encouragement, Steve. I’m writing again.

Out of the dusty closet, I’ve pulled out a contemporary work called “The Sun Still Rises.” The word count is about 12K at the moment. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on it, so I’m not really sure where it’ll lead. At the moment, I envision it being a novelette. I’m thinking, I’ll probably double the word count… hit somewhere around 25K.

It’ll take me about 4 months to finish it if I write 100 words a day. So!!! Hopefully, I’ll have the first draft wrapped up by thetime I hit NaNo. Yes, yes… I know NaNo is only 3 1/2 months away. However, there will be days I write more than 100 words. The goal is to write 100 words a day… no days off. I did that with I Loved You First. I can do it again. After all, 100 words only takes about 15 minutes of my time. Certainly I can spare 15 minutes a day to reboot my writing brain. 🙂

Anyway… I’ve had this cover for a while. What do you think?