A Round of Words in 80 Days #ROW80 – Update 7

Okay. I’ll start by saying, I’ve pretty much failed horribly with all but one of my goals since the last update. I have an idea of what the issue is, so let’s just go over that first. Email. Oh my word, the emails are doing me in. I’ve become a subscription whore, and the constant updates are bombarding me. I wake up each day with anywhere between 30-50 emails, and they just keep coming throughout the day. I barely keep up with them. And keeping up with my other obligations have just fallen to the wayside.

So today is a catch up day. I have a couple of obligations I’ve failed to meet over the last two days. I’m such a loser and owe some apologizes. Then I’m going to start unsubscribing to pretty much EVERYTHING. I’m going to try my best not to subscribe for the rest of February. I truly want to finish Chasing Shadows this month and will have a hard time doing it if I know emails are lurking. So that’s that. Now to the progress I’ve made over the last 7 days.

  • February:
    • Finish the first draft of Stray Cat
      • In order to accomplish my goal of finishing Stray Cat (working title, by the way… I’m leaning towards “Chasing Shadows”), I need to write 1k words a day. I started this update at 25,610. Now I’m at 27,436 words. I’d decreased the my obligation to 500 words/day last week. I only hit that goal once and in fact didn’t write at all one day. With my unsubscribe goal for today, I hope to do better this week.
    • Write the Sex scene for Control Freak: Regina’s Story. Didn’t do again this week.
    • Do the first round of edits on Unprotected. I worked on this a little.
  • March: TBD
    • Might work on Trinity’s Awakening
    • Might edit Alley Cat
  • Bonus Goal: Work on New Adult novel
    • Maintaining 100+ words a day over at Word Count Union. This is on top of any other goals I have. I’m really liking it. I figured at 100 words a day, I’ll finish this novel this year. Still going strong! Last check-in I was at 25,768. As of today, I’m at 26,842. I’m really feeling great about this piece. It’ll end up being a novella, so I might find myself editing it about the same time I get to my first round of edits for Chasing Shadows. Plus, it’s a lot cleaner draft.

So, utter failure this week. But I have a plan to do better this week, starting with unsubscribing from pretty much everything. Gotta slow down those emails, cause I have a hard time concentrating knowing I’m backed up.

For those of you who are interested in keeping track of ROW80 participants, head over to the linky.

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