And the Winner Is…

I had a few goals today.

  • Update ya’ll wonderful listeners about Fall Giveaway status winners [check]
  • Prepare the Kitty Thomas interview post [check]
  • Reread chapter 3 of my WIP which I polished yesterday [check]
  • Polish chapter 4 of my WIP [check]
  • Go through the Fall Giveaway entries [check]
  • Finish reading the book I started several weeks ago

As you can see, I’ve done all but the last item on my list. First I want to thank everyone who stopped by to give my blog a chance. I hope you all stick around a few. Definitely thanks to Good Choice Reading for hosting this great event!

A quick rundown of how this giveaway worked for me. I received 180 entrants and a host of folks who tweeted for extra entries. I started with 97 followers, now I’m at 241. I cannot tell you how many new blogs I’ve found thanks to your entries. Yes, I do check out your blog when you sign into mine. I admit, I’ve yet to go through them all, but be assured I do plan to visit now that I’m not swamped. 🙂

One moment while this serious looking lady shuffles.

So the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Giveaway #1 – Reader’s Choice

Scoot (1st place)

Giveaway #2 – The Reviews

Heather Henderson (2nd place)

Giveaway #3 – love, Love, LOVED It!

Danielle (5th place)

Giveaway #4 – My Buddies’ Fab Fav

elaing8 (3rd place)

Giveaway #5 – Please Pick Me!

Lucy (4th place)

Congratulations to you all! Sorry about the mice-type. 🙂 All winners were chosen using this nifty plugin I found called “And the winner is…”

Winners! If you’ve forgotten your choices, feel free to head to the Fall Giveaway post. I’ll email you shortly. You all have until Monday, October 4, 2010 (midnight) to give me your selection. Otherwise, I’m sure another GFC friend would love to have your prize. Thanks again to all who participated.

While you’re here, check out the Kitty Thomas interviews! Word has it, there’s another giveaway.

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  1. 🙂 It’s certainly the longest I’ve ever spent tallying entries. That’s okay though. I’ve learned my lesson. No more entries by comments. I’m strictly a form girl now!

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