Author Interview: India Drummond

For those of you who don’t remember, India Drummond had her debut release, Ordinary Angels, last week. Well today, she’s offered to do an interview for us. 🙂 Enjoy!

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Fiction Author

First off, tell us about your most recent publication.

Ordinary Angels is an urban fantasy / paranormal romance novel in which Zoe Pendergraft falls in love with an angel, frees a soul from necromancers, releases a ghost trapped in the Void, and saves his living grandson from demons.

Give us a brief description of a story you have hidden in your skeleton closet? And will it ever see the light of day?

My first novel will probably never be published. I still love it, but it’s in the way one still holds affection for their first boyfriend. Ill-fated, but a nice memory. I may, however, end up picking over its bones and salvaging some good characters and plot points for something later.

How much of you/your life do you put into your stories?

The first book (the aforementioned ‘skeleton book’, too much, perhaps. Nowadays, not a lot. Zoe, my main character in Ordinary Angels, isn’t like me. She doesn’t have a sat nav, her own computer, or really get into anything gadgety, where I’m a total freak for all the latest tech. I think it’s natural for writers to write about themselves in the beginning, but as we learn our craft, we start to create characters for a specific purpose to act out a role for the best dramatic effect. That being said, Zoe does have my alarm clock and my kitchen.

Which of your characters do you relate to most?

In this book, Zoe, definitely. She’s just so human. Being surrounded by angels, that makes her somewhat insecure about her flaws. She wants to be stronger, tougher, and always do the smart thing, and she laughs at herself when she falls short of the Tomb Raider ideal for “kick ass heroines.”

For you, what’s the hardest part of the writing process?

Seeing my own mistakes. I can polish something within an inch of its life, and my beta readers or editor will still come back to me with so much red-lining that I’m shocked. Every. Time. Just when I think I’ve got it nailed, they set me straight.

For you, what’s the easiest part of the writing process?

Writing that initial outline. I love creating the characters and plotting out their ups and downs and the conflicts that will get in their way.

With hindsight being 20/20, is there anything you would have changed with your publishing journey?

I would have written more books instead of torturing that one poor, first effort for so many years, querying, rewriting, querying again. Back then I didn’t know that to gain more experience, I needed to move on to other stories. Only by doing that can you illicit the experimentation that brings discovery for a writer.

Any advice you have for writers?

Never give up. I know it might sound trite. But really. Do NOT give up. It’s an exciting time for publishing, and so many options are open to authors. Check them out. There is no longer any reason to spend years “aspiring” when you could be writing.

Anything special you’d like to say to readers?

Just thank you! I’ve been so overwhelmed at the wonderful reviews, comments, and letters that I’ve already started getting about Ordinary Angels. It’s been an unexpected surprise. I suppose I knew people would buy my book, theoretically, but the reality of seeing the ranking climb or getting a note saying “I just bought your book, and I’m loving it,” well, I have honestly been moved to tears more than once this week because of the generosity of readers.

A Few Quickies

Pen or pencil: Keyboard—I have a condition that makes writing with a hand-tool very painful if it’s anything longer than a grocery list or a note jotted on a calendar. So I use voice activation software for most things.

Print or cursive: Same answer, I’m afraid. I used to have lovely handwriting! It was a point of pride, even!

Favorite candy: Butterfingers! But we can’t get those in the UK, so I rely on my mum to bring me a couple when she visits.

Favorite food: Chocolate covered cherries are food, right?

Worst habit: I’m sure my hubby could give you a long list, but I’m sure I don’t have any! Oh, except maybe giving two-sentence replies when someone asked for ‘a quickie’ answer!

Thanks for stopping by and interviewing with me. If readers want to learn more about you and/or your work, where can they find you?

Thanks so much for having me. Really great, fun questions! I’m all over the web (bit of a social networking junkie)…

I have a blog at

I’m on Facebook, where I do like to hang out and socialise sometimes, or you can visit my Facebook Author Page for more book-related updates.

I’m a pretty regular Twitterer too!

About Drummond’s Books:

Lyrical Press, Inc
ISBN-10: (TBD)
ISBN-13: (TBD)
Price: $5.50
Publication Date: April 4, 2011

An urban fantasy / paranormal novel in which Zoë Pendergraft falls in love with an angel, frees a soul from necromancers, releases a ghost trapped in the Void, and saves his living grandson from demons.

An angel is about to fall…

Although most of Zoe Pendergraft’s friends are dead, that means nothing to her. After all, they died long before she met them. What does matter is the angel who took her dancing and turned her world upside down. But grim reality intrudes when she finds a body, and the Higher Angels accuse her friend of the murder.

Knowing she’s the only one who can stand against the Higher Angels, Zoe uses any means necessary to save her friend…all the while, wondering if the tempestuous love she’s feeling is real. The blood on her hands forces Zoe to question herself, and her angel to question her.

Contains strong language and supernatural sizzle.


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  1. I absolutely love your advice. So many writers get caught up in the publishing process they forget they should still be writing.

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  3. You’re in good company, India; I read a recent Michael Connelly interview and the gist of what he says, is “Write every day. Don’t wish, or aspire: write.”

    Loved ORDINARY ANGELS and enjoyed the interview. Good job, both of you.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Girl Fren. I know there are plenty of days when I’m thinking, if I can only get around to… instead of actually doing.

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