Authors Helping Authors: Kickstarter

I’m your guinea pig.

If you’ve visited my blog or website over the past week, you’ll know I’m working to launch a Kickstarter project. So here’s what I’m thinking. My creative buddies might like regular updates on the successes and (hopefully not) failures. That way, if you decide to launch a Kickstarter project, perhaps my experience will help you. 🙂

One or two updates a week should keep my readership in the know without driving them away. So we’ve got Working  Wednesday where I do my regularly weekly updates. Starting next week, I’ll add the Kickstarter goal to the list.

Then we have one of two options:

Friday Authors Helping Authors: Okay. This feature has had a dry spell lately. The novelty has faded, authors asking to post have dwindled, and I’ve done nothing to revive it. Like today, I’ll work to fill the Authors Helping Authors feature since this definitely fits under the category. If an author comes to me requesting to do a Friday post, I’ll definitely open the day up to them first. I’m sure you’d rather listen to someone else share their experience than me ramble about a 30-day project. 🙂

Second option is to do a Saturday Special Post. I have absolutely no feature on this day. Although, I’m liking the name Saturday Special. Has a nice ring to it, yes? There. I just added that to my categories. Not sure what I plan to do with it, but it’s there now. Perhaps I’ll use it for New and Upcoming releases. Yes. That sounds wonderful. So if you have a release, let me know (ReenaJacobs at ReenaJacobs dot com) Tell me which Saturday you’d like it posted, but make sure the release date is within a week of the Saturday. Include your website, the release date, the buy link(s), an online link where I can find a picture of the cover art, and a link where I can find the blurb. If you have any discounts you’re planning for your release, definitely include that information. That’ll make the Saturday Special all the more special. Sound good? Great!

Back to the regularly scheduled program… Kickstarter. So we have one or two updates happening.

Now to share with you my first set back. What?!!? The campaign hasn’t even started and you’re already talking setbacks? Yeah.

Apparently, Kickstarter campaigns require you to have an Amazon business account… or something like that. I knew that. However, I figured I’d get to it at the last moment. Well, I did. The thing is, there is an account verification process which goes along with this. After all is said and done, it can take anywhere from 5-7 days. Bummer. Let’s hope it doesn’t. With that in mind, I’m already thinking of extending the tentative end date from Saturday, July 18 to Saturday, July 25 or even the beginning of August, Saturday, August 2. We’ll see. I really want to get those 30 days in.

Other than that, this week has gone very well. I’ve been hella busy trying to get videos for I Loved You First finished. They aren’t the greatest, but this little amateur put a little something together.

Today, I present to you the Kickstarter video.

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