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A little birdie told me Kristy K. James has released a new book. 🙂 A Hero for Holly. Many congrats!!! She’s has graced our presence a few times. And today she’s taking over Ramblings of an Amateur Writer. Please welcome her.

A Hero For Holly by  Kristy K. James (clean romance) Digital format only

Single mom, Holly McGinty, has no life.  No personal life, that is.  After her husband left her pregnant, with a four-year old son, there was never much time for her.  Between raising two boys and saving her restaurant from bankruptcy, she’s been too busy taking care of everyone and everything to give much thought to her own needs.   In fact, the highlight of her week is swooning over her oldest son’s sexy scout leader.

Sam Jensen never believed in love at first sight…until the first time he saw Holly.  But even though he gets along great with kids, and is successful as both an architect and investor, figuring out relationships with women has never come easy to him.  Now it seems as though his luck has changed.  As long as one little tiny secret remains a secret.

Look for A Hero for Holly July 30, 2012. Add it on Goodreads.

Hi, Reena! It’s so nice of you to help me announce the release of my newest book, A Hero For Holly. I wasn’t sure what to write about this time, so I decided to go with something near and dear to my heart. Hope that’s okay.

I’m not sure what part of the country you live in, but too many states are experiencing record-breaking heat, and suffering droughts. In Michigan we’ve seen one hundred+ degrees a few times already, and upper nineties so regularly I have to keep checking the zip code on my mail to make sure I haven’t been transported to Texas or Arizona during my sleep.

So far I’ve spent most of the past twelve weeks going from my air conditioned house, to my air conditioned van, to air conditioned places of business….and dreading the upcoming family reunion, which has been moved from an air conditioned hall to…a park. Parks aren’t air conditioned, at least not with air that’s actually cold.

No, it’s never been a secret that I’m not a summer lover, or that I prefer the more comfortable temps of autumn above all other seasons. Still, there’s no way to avoid the months between May and October, so I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to make it more bearable.

My reading list changes in the summer. If there’s a book on my shelves that is set in the winter, I’m reading it. Same with my movie choices. White Christmas, The Day After Tomorrow, which is on my soon-to-be-watched list…as soon as the kids find it again (there are far, far too many DVD’s in my house). Then there’s YouTube. Did you know you can watch countless videos of snowstorms? I love it!

Music choices change, too. It used to be fun to embarrass my kids by driving around, windows open, and Christmas music blaring from the speakers…you really do get some strange looks from pedestrians. But now my daughter is totally cool with it. That or she thinks that by pretending she’s okay with it, I’ll stop. She’s wrong. Cause mostly I didn’t do it to embarrass anyone.

I do it to change my mindset. I do it to get my focus off what I don’t like (80+ degrees), and put it on what I do like (snow and windchills). If I can lose myself in the moment, I’m not thinking about the next trip to the grocery store. Of course I’m not out in the sweltering heat for long, but those few minutes it takes to get to the van, and for the van to cool off, seems like an eternity sometimes.

From breathing exercises during labor, to singing every song you can remember…in your head…during an MRI (voice of experience here), to daydreaming about sexy celebs we have a crush on during boring classes, people seem to be very good at distracting themselves from situations they find unpleasant.

How do you handle circumstances you’d rather not have to deal with? If you’re experiencing this endless heatwave, what are you doing to make it easier to handle?

Thanks so much for stopping by Reena’s today. And, Reena…thanks again!

About the Author

All it took was the encouragement of a student teacher in a ninth grade writing class and Kristy K. James was off and running. She has been writing for more years than she’ll ever admit to, and loves every aspect of it. From creating characters who are so real that they sometimes take over the writing when they don’t like where she’s taking a story, to adding as many twists and mysteries to her plots as she can get away with.She is the author of Reluctant Guardian, A Fine Mess, and The Stranger in my Head.Kristy currently lives in Michigan with her family, too many pets and the occasional spider. She spends her time living in her make-believe worlds, cooking and baking up a storm, and doing her best to learn to say ‘no’ when stray animals wander into her large country yard.

Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, as is traveling around the state, especially to coastal beaches to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and gulls screeching overhead.

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0 thoughts on “Blog Tour: A Hero For Holly

  1. I don’t like extreme hot or cold. Any circumstance I’d rather not deal with I tend to meet head on, whatever it is. A HERO FOR HOLLY looks like a lovely read.

  2. Hi, Mary…
    I’m with you. My ideal summer would be 75 for a daily high, and mid-50s at night. Then 32 EVERY day in the winter…with lots of big, fluffy snowflakes. Thanks for stopping by Reena’s. 🙂

  3. We’ve got it hot and humid here (North Carolina). I grew up in Washington State — four seasons, all pretty mild. I remember lots of fun outside during the summer months. It’s so odd to have my kids spend most of their time inside during the summer. We get a few nice weeks during the fall and spring. The winters are mild here though (much to my daughter’s displeasure). Very seldom do we see snow, and not enough to play in. 🙂

  4. I don’t envy you living in the south. I lived in Mississippi for a few months in ’97 and…wow. That’s all I’m going to say. But for the past few years, Michigan could compete for heat and humidity. I just don’t enjoy weather like this. It’s like I wake up in October…and every month between then and April. Except this year. We broke all kinds of records in March…and even had my daughter’s birthday party in a PARK…for the first time ever. We usually have snow on the ground then. Of course we barely had any snow on the ground this past winter anyway…so tell your daughter to not feel like the Lone Ranger, lol. I’m with her…I want to see LOTS of snow. 🙂

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