Blonde -Versus- Blond

This is a short post but informative, I think. A lot of people use blond and blonde, so why not get it right?

My husband says I nitpick too much about English. I’ll tell you, my English is far from perfect. Even so, I’ll throw out a piece of knowledge that jumps off the page at me–the difference between blond and blonde. 🙂 It seems like such a minor thing (nitpicking), but I see the words misused so often, it’s a decent topic to address.

First let’s look at the definitions of the two words. Blond — an adjective which describes a particular color. Blonde — an noun identifying a woman with blond hair.

That’s right! One’s a noun and one’s an adjective. Not only that, but blonde is sex specific.

Let’s check out a couple of sentences.

  • I just loved his dirty blond hair.  Adjective
  • Will you check out that blonde? Noun

Simple. 🙂

So what types of misused words jump off the page for you all?


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