Book Review: A Vampire’s Kiss Ch 1-3 by Laura Stamps

I won this copy in a contest. Thank you again Courtney from Paranormal Fantasies and author Laura Stamps. First a little about the book from Laura Stamps’ website:

The Manigault Vampires is a serialized, paranormal erotica series. It’s a spin-off from The Witchery Series trilogy and contains many of the same Witches and Pagans you fell in love with from that series. A Vampire’s Kiss  is the first novel in this series. Here’s what it’s about…

“Sara Gadsden is a Wiccan Green Witch addicted to paranormal romance novels and their gorgeous vampire heroes. Like most people, she has no idea vampires actually exist until she meets Drayton Manigault at a Samhain party. Dray is not only one of Columbia’s wealthiest businessmen, but he’s also been a vampire for the last 145 years. Oh, and he’s totally yummy. When Dray offers Sara a job working for his computer company, Manigault Technologies, fantasy collides with reality, and Sara’s future is suddenly transformed into one wild, smokin’ HOT ride!”

If you’ve read The Witchery Series novels then you’ve already met the heroine of this novel, Sara.

Took me a while to get in the rhythm of present tense, but that’s just a personal preference versus style thing. Once I made the transition, I was so into it.

I have to say, Sara was a vibrant character. Free spirit comes to mind when I think of her. I had a hard time relating to Sara. A bit chatty for my tastes, but hey! I don’t have to date her. On the other hand, she does make me miss my pre-marriage days when I scoped out men with the purpose of wrapping them around my finger. <sigh> Oh the memories. Anyway, one thing I did love was her little display of witchcraft. With all the research I’ve been doing on the topic, it definitely intrigued me.

Dray’s response to her was very authentic. He took everything she said in stride. Dray was the perfect gentleman (most of the time), and I loved it. His sexual responses were right on target. A lot of guys would act like a cad if a woman were sexually adventurous. Not my man Dray. He seemed to let Sara take the lead, only going as far as she wanted, never assuming more. XOXOX, Dray.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the end of chapter 3. It didn’t really feel like a cliff hanger, since I feel like I know what’s going to come. To me, it seemed more like the chapter ended in the middle of a scene. In my opinion, it would be equivalent to sending the first 30 pages to a literary agent with the last sentence incomplete because the sentence on page 30 trailed into page 31. Not that bad, but similar. 🙂 No biggie, chapter 4-6 are available now, so no need to wait to read the good stuff. Just order and download chapter 1-6 all at once.

Although I hate waiting for series (chapters in this case), it is nice to have a quick piece to read. Laura Stamps is offering this novel (3 chapters at a time) each month. If you’re looking for a teaser, check out the first chapter. Sign up for her newsletter, and she’ll keep you posted on when each installment is available.

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