Book Review: Cobras by Melissa Higgins @mg_higgins

Title: Cobras
Author: Melissa Higgins
Audience: K to 3rd grade
Length: 24 Pages
Publisher: Capstone Press
Copyright Date: 2014
Acquired: Library
Buy Links: Amazon, Book Depository
Blurb: Cobras strike prey with their venomous fangs. Read about these hooded hunters.

Corban’s Review

Selection Process: I chose this book because the cobra and the name of the book looked cool. I liked the shape, size, and color of the cobra.

Thoughts: It was epic, terrorizing. The pictures were terrorizing because one picture was of them eating an animal whole. However, it was funny at the same time. If you know about the bone structures, heart and things like that, it’s funny. Their mouth expands. It’s surprising. It was cool because it helps you learn more about cobras. It shows the cobras up close, not far away. I don’t know how they got that up close to take pictures of the cobra.

Question for the Author: When and how did you come up with the idea for this book?

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reena’s Review

Selection Process: Corban gave me a choice between two books. To be perfectly honest, I chose this book because of the length. The other book was much more lengthier (more pages, smaller type, etc.). I wanted a book we could sit down and read in one go. So Cobra by Melissa Higgins won out.

Thoughts: My son is in 4th grade and struggled with reading up until this year. This book presented absolutely no problems for him. In fact, I didn’t have to help him at all with any of the words in this book. This book is labeled as K-3, so I’d say it was spot on with the reading level.

The layout includes written attributes of about cobra on one side and a related picture of the cobra in action on the other. As we went through the book, Corban was extremely excited. At times, he had us pause, so he could elaborate on addition features of Cobras and snakes in general.

My son is a fan of animal facts, so the information in this book seemed very basic for him. I’m more of a novice when it comes to Cobras, so I did glean a bit of knowledge from it. I consider it a nice starter book for kids wanting an introduction to Cobras.

One thing that I thought was interesting is the photography. They weren’t glamorous. It didn’t seem to matter so much to Corban. However, the one (unsolicited) suggestion I have is in regards to the photography. A bit of photo editing could make the photographs look like they came from one collection or a single photographer, and also enhance the feel.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book with my son. This ended up being about a 5-10 minute read.

Additional Features: This book includes a glossary, index, read more suggestions, and related internet sites for learning more.

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