Can I Earn Too Many Teen Points?

A few weeks ago I won a contest at To Read or Not to Read. Marcia allowed me to choose three books from a wicked list. Today my goodies arrived! Thank you Marcia!

So what did I win?

These are book three (3) and four (4) of the House of Night series. I requested these two books with my daughter in mind. Though I own the first two books, I’ve not read them. However, my daughter is in the process of reading Marked, which she says is pretty great. She also is hoarding the second novel, Betrayed, which I won Bloody BookaHolic a while back. Now she has these to start as soon as she finishes.

Okay. I’ll be honest here. I’ve never read Jane Eyre, though I own the novel. I’ve only seen a version or two of the movie. I have read an alternative version of Jane Eyre called Jenna Starborn though. Anyway, I’m intrigued by classics and want to get into reading them. I just haven’t found the motivation yet. Though Jane Eyre’s Daughter isn’t a classic, I’m still hoping to enjoy it some time soon.

These titles are available at the Book Depository!

The Book Depository

As a side note: Check out Gena Showalter’s new book!

A new release by Gena Showalter

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