Contests and Giveaways: Short Post Asking for Advice

I started entering contests and giveaways this month. I’ve been very privileged to win many novels, as you can see by my growing reading list. I wanna learn how to do giveaways also. Please, if you have any advice, programs, methods, tutorials, etc. you’ve found helpful when doing giveaways, let me know. I’d love to try a contest giveaway this weekend.

0 thoughts on “Contests and Giveaways: Short Post Asking for Advice

  1. i highly recommend google docs. have them fill out a form (google docs) along with commenting on the contest or whatever you choose for them to do. it keeps everything right there for you!

  2. JoJo, thank you. I’ll check it out. I’ve already written the blog post for the contest. Just have to figure out the form and how to do the drawing. At least I hope that’s all I need to do.

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