Cover Art Dilemma

So I’m faced with this dilemma. To buy or not to buy cover art.

I know how important awesome cover art is to selling books. The thing is, I have this problem. It’s called: Do It Yourself (DITY if you’re in the military). 🙂 Somewhere in my sick twisted little brain, I have this idea I can do everything. We all know this isn’t true.

Sometimes I just need someone to tell me to get with the program. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Okay. This wasn’t my first attempt at cover art for Control Freak, but I’m a bit embarrassed by the what I put up before. So, you’ll have to find an example of the earlier version yourself. 🙂 After studying this, I realize there’s a few issues with this piece. For one, I think the background could use a bit of texture. It’s just a little too plain. And the expression on the woman’s face is a wee bit off. As for the guy, I’m liking him (expression and all). It fits Brandon in the book. A little tender, a little needy. Of course, that doesn’t mean the cover sales. Tee hee. I’m going to plug in some advertisement here. So if you don’t want to see, skip down to the next picture. If you’d like to read Control Freak for free in exchange for a review, send me an email, and I’ll send you a coupon for 100%.

Next up!!!

I’m working towards self-publishing Shadow Cat. I need cover art…GOOD cover art. I’ve already got someone in mind to help me with that, but then there’s the DITY. Let me show you what I’ve got so far.

Shadow Cat Solid

Let’s call the first one Faded and the second Solid. Based on this simple poll, tell me what you think. If you want to add a few comments/suggestions, PLEASE DO! 🙂

[poll id=”7″]

Also! Robin from Ludwig Design will be here on Friday, talking more on the importance of Cover Art. Make sure you stop by to get the down low. 🙂

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