Creative Writing Topics and Prompts

Creative Writing Topics and Prompts

If you’re anything like me, you probably have ups and downs when it comes to writing. The last time I wrote a blog post will show you a bit about my struggles. Today, I’m going to propose creative writing topics and prompts.

Why? Some days you want to write but you feel like you are surrounded by a wall of bricks. You may end up staring at a blank page with nothing but frustration on your mind. Sometimes, all you need is something to spark the writing process.

Despite conflicting opinions writer’s block happens to very many writers, including some of the very much accomplished writers. If all you need is a spark, check out some of the prompts below to get you started.

  1. Given the chance to alter one event in history, which event would it be and how would you change it.
  2. Write about your opinion of the perfect home. What would it or would not have?
  3. You just woke up scared as hell, sweat dripping all over your body. Describe what you think your dream was about.
  4. Imagine you are in charge of a president’s protection unit and the president is going to a very unstable region. Write your experience during the trip and events that happen there.
  5. You have a chance to go anywhere in the world. Write about the place you would go.
  6. Imagine you own one of the largest media houses in the country, what do you think you would change about it?
  7. The investigative agency in your country have released a broadcast for a known dangerous terrorist, that terrorist is you 3 year boyfriend or girlfriend. Write a story about how you feel immediately and what happens next.
  8. You did something wrong and got away with it. Write about it.
  9. You have been brought up in a family that believes family is everything, then one day you find out your parents aren’t who they pretended to be. What happens next?
  10. Write a poem about for the most romantic date you have ever attended.
  11. You are a billionaire, you’re only child is almost hit by a car on the sidewalk but a homeless man saves your child and is hit by the car instead. What would you do to the man to show your gratitude?
  12. Write a story from the perspective of twins separated from each other at the age of 12 just to meet 10 years later.
  13. Her laugh broke the awkward silence…..
  14. What’s your idea of the perfect vacation?
  15. You have been told you have two weeks to live, what would you do?
  16. You are going home just to find your house no longer there. The neighbours are the same but have never seen you or heard of you before.
  17. Imagine reincarnation was real and you were given a chance to become any animal you would love to reincarnate as, write a story about your life as that animal.
  18. You are given a chance to decide which one should come first, the egg or the chicken. Which is your pick and why?
  19. Write a letter to the 16 year old you.
  20. An intelligent extra-terrestrial species has been found, you’re chosen to explain to them about our whole world and be taught about their world. What is your experience like?

Share a writing prompt that’s helped you get started.

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