Determination and Perseverance

My rejection letters have been trickling in. I’ll be honest. I’ve received so many rejection letters for my current complete work, they don’t even phase me any more. I went into the query business quite naive. I had this awesome novel I’d finished, and the agents would flock to get it. (I’m actually laughing as I type this). Yeah, I was that arrogant.

The first rejection I just brushed off as no big deal. Just one agent, right. Then they started rolling in one after another. Something was wrong! Anyway, I’m still working on what’s wrong. haha

It’s funny. With all the rejection I’ve received, I still have hope of getting my novel published. I still believe in it!

When I received a couple of rejections one day last week, I shared the news with my husband first chance I got. Then I added, “That’s okay. I’m doing more revisions right now. I still have a list of agents to go. When I run out of them, I’ll got to the publishers. The more I work on this the more I know I’ll get it published.”

Wishful thinking? Maybe. I ask you though. When should I give up on becoming a published author? I hope you say never. 🙂

I started with paranormal romance, cause I love to read it. Not until after I finished my novel did I realize the market is flooded with it. No doubt, the market’s tough out there. So what am I doing about it? I’m trying to find my own plot of unclaimed land. I’m also working on other projects. Cause really, there’s no reason to put all my eggs in one basket. Plus, if I’m a writer, I’m a writer. How can I be a writer if I’m doing nothing but editing and never producing anything new.

I’m telling you all this (aspiring writers like myself and whoever wants to listen) so you know when I get published, it wasn’t because it was easy. It was because I was determined, persevered, and convinced I would beat the odds.

Believe in yourself, in your work, and keep on truckin’!

What stories do you have to share about your climb to publication?


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