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It’s a good day to win!

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So what was up for grabs?

3 Winners!

First Prize ~ Linda Henderson

Your Choice ($20 value): $20 eGift Card at B&N, $20 worth of books at The Book Depository (TBD), or $20 worth of books at Smashwords. The winner can mix and match even as long as the total doesn’t exceed $20. So if you want to do $10 at Smashwords and a $10 B&N card, that’s fine. Or $15 at TBD and $5 at Smashwords, you’re good.

Second Prize ~ Crystal F

Your Choice ($10 value): You’re choice of $10 worth of books at TBD or Smashwords. Again, you’re free to mix and match as long as your prize doesn’t exceed $10.

Third Prize ~ Carrie A

Indie Support ($5 value): What can I say. I’m an indie author who supports indie authors. 🙂 Third prize winner may pick out $5 worth of books at Smashwords.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

Well, I’m off to email the winners. They will have 72 hours to respond.

Help me congratulate the winners! 🙂 No books listed here, but as part of the Mid-Month Commentator Giveaway, I’ll include a $10 prize (B&N gift card, books from TBD, or books from Smashwords) for comments on this post. For more details on the Mid-Month Commentator Giveaway, follow this link.

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