Finding Time to Write -Versus- Taking a Sorely Needed Break

I set writing goals for myself. I determine when I want to finish the book, and then I break it up into pages/word count and have at it. Unfortunately, my goals don’t always meet with reality.

I don’t know about others, but there are so many things monopolizing my writing time–lack of motivation, writer’s block, burnouts. Okay, so maybe they don’t monopolize my time, but they do interfere with my writing progress.

I keep coming across this saying, writers write. So what if I don’t feel like writing? Does that mean I’m not a writer any more? I don’t think so. Just like with everything else in life, breaks are important. Sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours staring at the 100 words I’ve written and wanting to feel the inspiration that won’t come just doesn’t seem productive to me. <Big breath> Wow! Talk about your long sentences. Looks like a run on to me. Anyway, times like that require a break in my mind.

Take some me-time. Step away from the computer. Get out of the house. Enjoy life and come back rejuvenated.

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  1. So true, Reena. Which is why I only write three days out of the week, and then that’s at my job. It’s the ideal place. At home, life gets in the way. At my job, it’s just me in the entire building for eight hours. I write one chapter in that time, long-hand. By the end of my work week, which is really 22 hours, I will have written three chapters. The rest of the time is spent tweaking it on the computer. Now that is something else.

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