Gimme! Gimme!

My Book Depository goodies are starting to trickle in. Apparently the mail has been a little slow in the Old World. So! Let’s see what the mailbox has vomited over the last few days.

I’ve heard folks talking about this book. Finally after Aimee Laine boasted about it, I picked it up. ‘Nuf said. We’ll see how this goes. I’m typically not a non-fiction fan, but this is worthy, I think.

We all know how disappointing anthologies can be. I finished Burning Up a few weeks past, and Meljean’s story really rocked (read review here). Save for the Hero’s obsession with the Heroine never being explained it would have made my top 2010 read for sure. Anyway, Ms. Brook earned herself a fan with her Burning Up Contribution. If she keeps up the good work, I might become a permanent fixture hoarding her prior books.

Okay, this one. 🙂 Mind Games, the first in the series, was a twitter recommendation. It was my first Urban Fantasy book, and I absolutely LOVED it. 2010 Favorite, by the way (see review here). So of course, I had to come back for more.

I’ve had a couple of people from twitter recommend Unearthly to me. I have no idea what it’s about. However, it seems to be getting decent reviews, so I’m in. That’s it. Cool cover though.

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  1. Unearthly didn’t really get started until somewhere between page 40-60, but once it did, I very much enjoyed it. I’m on Double Cross right now. It’s starting a little slow also… reintroductions and all. But I think those are out of the way. So I’m expecting some heavy plot-action.

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