Reena’s Fifty (50) Follower Giveaway [CLOSED]

***UPDATE 9/16/2010: (75 followers) Second prize added to the pool for a book of choice from The Book Depository worth up to $10!

Well, this has been a long time coming. πŸ™‚ I finally reached 50 followers, and I’m excited to give away prizes! First off, thanks to all my old followers who’ve made this moment possible. And welcome to any new followers to come. So, let’s get straight to it.

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL to anyone whom the book depository ships free.


So what can you win?

  • For starters, I am offering up to $20 worth of books from the book depository to one lucky winner.

    The Book Depository

  • For each addition twenty-five (25) followers, I’ll add another prize. Either another dollar amount towards books or a pick from a selection of books available at the book depository.

The fine print:

  • I’m going to limit the number of winners to four (4). My money tree is broken, so I had to ask the hubby for $$$. πŸ™
  • Must be a blog follower. After all, this is a follower giveaway. πŸ™‚
  • Must be 13 or older to enter.
  • I reserve the right to make changes to the giveaway at any time. (But if I do, it’s most likely to be to your advantage.) πŸ™‚
  • Contest ends September 21, 2010. (Don’t forget to check back for the Fall Giveaway which runs September 22 – September 29).
  • See complete giveaway policy here.

Bonus Entries:

  • +2 Old Follower, +1 New Follower.
  • +1 Follow me on Twitter, +1 Friend on Facebook, +1 Like Facebook Fan Page, and/or +1 Friend on Goodreads. First widget on sidebar shows all the places you can find me.
  • +1 Someone referred you.
  • +2 You referred someone else.
  • +1 Tweeted (May earn ONE (1) tweet entry daily.) Use this TWEET FORM for additional tweet entries. Keep in mind, you need to fill out the ENTRY FORM for your initial entry. Be sure to include @ReenaJacobs in your link. Example tweet: Check out @ReenaJacob’s Fifty Follower Giveaway! Or even try out the tweet button at the top of the post. πŸ™‚
  • +3 Blog about it!!!

So! What do you have to do to enter? Simple. Fill out the ENTRY FORM. That’s all. Comments are welcomed and especially nice for tracking giveaways you enter; however only entries on the forms count. πŸ™‚

****If you do leave a comment, I’d love to know the best book you’ve read this year.****

Also, special thanks to my husband for allowing me to host a giveaway. We LOVE his money. And him too. πŸ™‚ XOXOX

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and fill out the TWEET FORM for extra entries!

Also! I’m participating in the Fall Giveaway which runs fromΒ  September 22 – September 29. Come back and see what I have for grabs!

21 thoughts on “Reena’s Fifty (50) Follower Giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. Hmmmm… my favorite book so far this year will have to be Nightshade, Firelight, Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Spider Bites, Web of Lies anf Venom. Yes, I know…. too many right? LOL! I can not narrow it down.

  2. I swear I thought I was following you already… guess I just straight up blogstalk you.
    Best book I have read this year? Wow that is a tough one. This year I have read The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moaning, The Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane and Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. Those all tie for first (and I know the Fever series is 5 books and the Downside series is 3 – but as I read them all back to back I only count them as one, hahaha)
    So yeah, there is it.

  3. Thank you husband who supplied the money for this lovely giveaway!
    The hands down best book I’ve read this year is “The Scent of Rain and Lightning”. Such an amazing read!

  4. Congrats on reaching this milestone! I’ve come across multiple awesomesauce series this year and by far, the best is The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner! Seriously cannot wait for more books in this series πŸ˜€

  5. I want to thank everyone for visiting. I truly appreciate the support and hope you return frequently. For those of you who listed a favorite read this year, you’ll notice they’ve been added to the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway prizes. Thanks for all your suggestions. I’m working on winners and will have them posted in the next few days.

    Thank you,


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