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I put out a call to Indie Writers a week or so ago, and was lucky enough to have a quite few authors hit me up. Despite being eyeball deep in blog tours right now, Scott Nicholson was generous enough to offer a guest post. Thanks for joining us today!

90 Days of Nightmares
By Scott Nicholson

I like to create nightmares.

Mostly, I create them for myself.

I’m an “idea person.” I get an idea and I write a book about it. I get an idea and I create a lot of work. I invent trouble, and I stay open-minded. I prepare for the worst and live through the worst, and occasionally it all comes together.

I’ve always been a tireless promoter of my books, mostly from working in media, but the Internet has changed everything about the book business as well as most other businesses. Newspapers rarely review books, and book blogs are now where most of the enthusiasm and conversation generates.

I’ve done a few “book launch” events where I tried to do flash mobs and spur a flurry of sales, but noticed that the work involved wasn’t worth the temporary buzz. So as I was driving to work one late-August morning, I got the idea of doing a tour and launch for ALL my books at the same time. After all, I had none of the artificial panic caused by the traditional publishing system and its insane, upstream distribution system in which you have 30 days from release to determine the entire fate of your book sales (let’s skip the more complex reality that your book’s fate was determined long before you even signed the book contract).

Lots of authors were doing 30-day blog tours for a new release, often organized by a corporate publicist who could ply the bloggers with boxes of free books and other goodies. I decided to do mine the hard way, researching and personally contacting book bloggers to ensure a good match.

Originally I was going to give away one paper book at each stop (I own a few hundred copies of my first collection I bought cheap when the publisher went out of business). Including postage, the entire tour would have cost about $300. But then I realized my audience is primarily Kindle owners, and my future audience is future Kindle owners. So I decided to give away a Kindle. I contacted Amazon and asked for their support and they agreed to donate a Kindle DX and Kindle 3 for the tour, since I would be promoting Kindle and ebooks. I could then afford to throw in bonus Kindle giveaways if any books hit the Top 100.

I hit the ground running, with only a few weeks before the tour started. The whole thing was going to be improvised along the way, and as of this writing I still haven’t scheduled all the stops. But the response has been wonderful, and we’ve created a new community where authors, readers, and bloggers are meeting. Some just want to win a Kindle and that’s cool, while others are having fun, which is cooler.

It’s also been a great opportunity to learn about the blogging world. I admire those who use their spare time to share a passion for books. They are a critical force in this new era of indie publishing, helping overwhelmed readers decide which books are worthy of time, money, and attention.

I haven’t become an overnight success, and the highest I’ve hit on the bestseller list is #148, but my sales have steadily improved and my audience has expanded, mostly with people who spent some time on the tour getting to know me before trying my books. I’ve always been fairly reserved about my private life, but the tour has allowed me to open up a little and show my different interests and passions, as well as explore my real motivations for writing and connecting with readers.

Ninety blog stops. That’s a lot of extra writing, probably 200 pages by the time I’m done. I’ve probably emailed 300 or 400 different bloggers, which takes some time, but also has allowed me to build personal relationships with some of them. I probably could have used a professional agency to set up the tour, but I doubt they could have reacted as quickly as I did and it would have taken months and months through formal channels. Not to mention it probably would have cost me a few thousand dollars, which I’d rather spend on more Kindle giveaways or other prizes.

If you’re a writer, I’d say “Why not set up your own tour and have some fun?” Beats continually hyping yourself on the same old overcrowded, noisy forums. Whether it’s seven days or 30 days or 90 days, each stop is a chance to meet someone who has never heard of you. If you’re a reader, then I recommend hanging out at some blogs and catching the buzz and sharing the joy.

Best of all, it’s a chance to build new relationships and meet cool new friends who dig books. And that’s worth a little work and a few nightmares.


Scott Nicholson is author of 12 novels, including the thrillers Speed Dating with the Dead, Drummer Boy, Forever Never Ends, The Skull Ring, As I Die Lying, Burial to Follow ,and They Hunger. His revised novels for the U.K. Kindle are Creative Spirit, Troubled, and Solom. He’s also written four comic series, six screenplays, and more than 60 short stories. His story collections include Ashes, The First, Murdermouth: Zombie Bits, and Flowers.

To be eligible for the Kindle DX, simply post a comment below with contact info. Feel free to debate and discuss the topic, but you will only be entered once per blog. Visit all the blogs on the tour and increase your odds. I’m also giving away a Kindle 3 through the tour newsletter and a Pandora’s Box of free e-books to a follower of “hauntedcomputer” on Twitter. Thanks for playing. Complete details at

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0 thoughts on “Guest Post: Scott Nicholson on Blog Tours

  1. You know I must still be getting used to the idea that there are no limits on an indie except what he puts on himself. A blog tour seemed so out of my reach, but the way you explain it, it’s like anything else. Work hard, put in the time and reap the rewards. Thanks.

  2. I always enjoy it when an author pops by and leaves a comment (well almost always — evil grin). I’ve met some really cool authors and some cool PR people. Recently, I had a PR person comment about my dog and she sent me a book about dogs.

    On the flip side, I have a PR person with one imprint that doesn’t even bother to provide her name. She basically emails and asks if I’d like a book. If I say yes or no, I get no reply. I don’t know if the book is on the way or not. I only know when the book shows up.

    Some just send you things and a few make you feel like you are begging. Having said that, most authors and PR people are great folks.

  3. I agree Scott – a blog tour is a great way to promote your work and also to promote the blog on which you are guest blogging. And, yes, it’s time consuming to reach out to everyone, but, as you stated, you foster some great relationships along the way that you might not otherwise have made.

  4. I’m with you on the personal touch, Barry. I love with bloggers and authors send a little something special in their gifts. Even if it’s just a note on a slip of paper saying, “thanks for tuning in, Reena” and sign their name. I love it!

    🙂 I’ve also received packages with just a book inside, not even a name on the label. Of course I’m not going to turn away presents–cause that’s crazy, right? But I like to know at least who sent me the goodie, because I am thankful to receive it and want them to know.

  5. You know, Andrew. I never realized how difficult it would be publish a work until after I finished my first manuscript. Whether folks go the traditional or indie route, there’s a lot of effort on the part of the author to make it. Daunting to say the least. One step at a time, right? 🙂

    Glad you all stopped by. Like Janice mentioned, I am benefiting from the extra promotion. haha Besides having the benefit of blabbing to more than just myself, I’ve found another benefit to interviews and guest posts. I’ve learned more about indie publishing since I opened this blog up to guest post/interviews than all the hours I’ve researched myself. I’m really lucky to have folks like Scott reach out to me and share their knowledge and experiences with people who stop by.

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