Hang on to Your Seats

My first and only COMPLETE novel, Shadow Cat I wrote by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it amazes me I managed to write it from start to finish. Honestly, I don’t know how I did it. I don’t even remember the process. I had an idea which led me to the start of the book. Next thing I know I’m at the climax and thinking it’s time to wrap this thing up.

Of course there were some plot issues with the book. I’ve tried fix them and hope I have. I started a few more books by the seat of my pants and made some decent progress since then. After reaching some points which ended in the question: What next? I decided to try a little plotting.

I love plotting! I’ve got a three act method set up which is just wicked awesome. I replotted some of the ones I started and plotted a few more ideas I’ve had in the meantime. Only thing, plotting doesn’t really motivate me actually write the story. So I have all these great stories (yes I’m subjective to my own ideas) ready to be written but no ghost writer to do the deed. What gives?

So here’s to finding the motivation to write the actual stories. <sigh>

So what about you? Pantseater or Plotter? Have any advice to writers as far as methods?

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