Indie Appreciation: Winner!

I have to admit, with everything going on these past two weeks, I almost forgot we had a giveaway going. Okay. I did forget for a few days. And it was only that someone else posted a giveaway post that I remembered I had my own to post. So what did we have up for grabs? Hush Money, which I thought was absolutely wonderful (see review here). Behold!

I’m really looking forward to the next novel in this series “Heroes ‘Til Curfew.” Head to Susan Bischoff’s website and check out the nifty cover art for it. Okay, enough drooling. The winner of Hush Money is

JL Jackson!

Congratulations! I’ll get an email out to you straight away. You have until Friday, December 3, 2010 (midnight EST) to respond. Otherwise, I get to select another eager winner.

Thanks for all who participated.

Hush Money is available on Smashwords and a whole bunch of places. :) Head to Ms. Bischoff’s website for a complete list.

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