Keep or Trash

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to receive the next critique of your chapter, story, novel, whatever.

“You’ve got mail.”

You click the flashing envelope one to many times and wait for the multiple windows to load. Then the critique…

Your critter has found so many things you’ve missed, and you’re so thankful s/he took the time to review your work. Then you come across something that just doesn’t jive with you. What is your critter talking about? Doesn’t s/he get it? Did s/he even read the chapter? Then the doubts kick in. Maybe you didn’t make it clear enough. Maybe you should just delete it all. STOP!

Be objective about the critiques; they’re meant to help you, not hinder you. If you take the advice of every single critter out there regardless of whether it goes against your instincts or not, your book will be TRASH. Not all advice is worthy of your book, as interesting as the opinion may be.

Read a critique with the the idea you’ll incorporate the sound advice and set the “other stuff” to the side. Writing is about artistic freedom, make it fun!

Everyone has their own particular opinions, likes and dislikes. Some people will enjoy your style, others will not. Accept that and move on.

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