Keeping a Schedule

I’m the type of writer who becomes easily distracted by…well, just about everything–giveaways, Vampire/Mafia Wars, critiques, software. ARGH TWITTER! So, I’ve decided to put myself on a schedule in order to be more productive.

  • Sunday: Reading
  • Monday: Writing
  • Tuesday: Critiquing
  • Wednesday: Writing
  • Thursday: Software tryouts
  • Friday: Writing/Editing
  • Saturday: Blogging

I’m writing this blog on a Wednesday, by the way. As you see by my schedule I’m already distracted. What techniques do you use to keep on track?

0 thoughts on “Keeping a Schedule

  1. I get distracted easily too. The cat making a funny sound while it sleeps is enough to throw off any schedule I have put in place. Kudos to you for making a schedule and trying to stick to it. Let us know how it goes. Now I’m off to look at some LOLcats!

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