Korean Drama (K-Drama) Favorites (Part One)

So last post I mentioned a few trends I’ve come across in Korean Dramas. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite K-Drama Series. Before I mention the series, I have a confession. I have little say about the women. You see, I’m a bit boy crazy.

A bit of rambling. My husband and I were talking about an old foreign series called Lexx and how it’d be interesting to see a remake of it. Of course, my thoughts ran to: who’d be able to pull off the sexy undead Kai. Something about Kai just used sex appeal. My husband, on the other hand, asked: who’d play Zev/Xev. My response? “Who cares?” ha ha

I mention this now, because you might notice my comments are lacking when it comes to the female actresses.

Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book PosterIt’s a historical fantasy which features the Korean mythical creatures called nine-tailed foxes AKA Gumiho.

I absolutely LOVED this series. More than that, I fell in love with the actors. Choi Jin-Hyuk is so sexy as Gu Wol-Ryung (a nine-tailed fox). I’ve watched a few other shows with Jin-Hyuk, but he totally lacks the sex appeal he has a Wol-Ryung. *sigh* Since Gu Family Book was his last show, I’m really hoping it’s the start of a brand new sexy Jin-Hyuk. I’ve seen him talk on reality shows and he’s so goofy. Apparently, he’s always working out though… keeping his boy sexy hot for me.

Then we have Lee Seung-Gi who plays Choi Kang-chi (Wol-Ryung’s son — a half-human/nine-tailed fox). Love him too. Not so much sexy… well, not sexy at all. Instead, he has a goofy charm to him which shows through pretty much all the series I’ve seen him in.

Sung Joon was kind of sexy too. However, I haven’t found him any good lead roles, so I’ve been in a rather “screw you then” mood when it comes to him. I did start watching a series where he plays in a flower boy band, but there were too many people being introduced at once, and I couldn’t keep track. Maybe I’ll come back to it, but he didn’t seem sexy at all. 🙁

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

My girlfriend is a Gumiho PosterThis is a contemporary fantasy, romantic comedy featuring the Gumiho. I absolutely fell in love with a couple of the songs. Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee and Losing My Mind by none other than Lee Seung-Gi. Did I mention he’s also a K-Pop Singer?

This time around Lee Seung-Gi plays Cha Dae-Woong, a rich jerk who is beyond selfish. Even so, he keeps his goofy charm and is highly amusing. It makes him sexy in a not so sexy way. 🙂

His counterpart and girlfriend is a Gumiho played by Shin Min-Ah. Now the reason she made such an impression with me is because of her enormous dimples. I’ve only seen her in one other show Arang and the Magistrate, and it didn’t make it to my favorite lists. Oh well. Still, I loved her in this. Very few Korean shows feature a strong female lead. Usually the female are the type who attract abuse. Yeah… I know, I know… no one deserves to be abused. However, we all know some women are more prone to be abused than others, just like some people are more likely to be bullied than others. Now this gal is tough. So tough, most of the time Dae-Woong is about to piss his pants trying to keep her happy as opposed to becoming her next meal. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what’s next on Lee Seung-Gi’s list of shows to play. Gu Family Book came out this year, and I’ve seen nothing else on his schedule. Poo. 🙁


Faith PosterFaith is another historical fantasy. Just like my reads, I’m quite fond of supernatural romances. This time around, we get a time-travel romance. I love these historical time-travels. My favorites are when the past comes to the future, but this one, the present goes to the past. Beyond the time travel element, it also has some magic happening.

I actually did like the female lead in this series (Kim Hee-Sun who plays Yoo Eun-Soo, I haven’t sought her out in any other roles. Mostly because she’s not a sexy hot guy. 🙂

But Lee Min-Ho… he is so yummy. Broody, sexy. Did I mention Yummy?

One other guy who stood out was Phillip Lee. Something about his calm demeanor just does it for me. I’d like to see him in a lead role, but I get the impression his career is that of a supporting actor.

Personal Tastes

personal tastes posterPersonal Tastes is about an architect who pretends to be gay in order to become roommates with a woman who lives in a famous building. The woman also happens to be the daughter of a famous architect and the designer of her home.

Yes, I love looking at Lee Min-Ho, which is why I sought out Personal Tastes. Again, he plays the brooding type as Jeon Jin-ho. This time he’s a little more fun and smiles a whole lot more. Still, he’s serious. The guy has the weight of the world on his shoulder. But he’s so sexy… even when he’s wearing high water pants and walks like he’s squeezing his butt cheeks together.

And of course, some woman other than me plays the lead role.

I’ve watched several series featuring Lee Min-Ho, but they didn’t make it to my favorite lists. If I’m not mistaken, his next series — The Inheritors — starts in a few days. I’m excited. 🙂 It will also feature Choi Jin-Hyuk from Gu Family Book. From the looks of it, Jin-Hyuk will have a supporting role.

Nine: Nine Time Travels

Nine: Nine Time Travels PosterNine: Nine Time Travels is very much like the Butterfly Effect. Only he uses incense sticks to time travel to the past exactly 20 years from the present, right down to the last second. Unlike the Butterfly Effect where Ashton Kutcher screws everything up even worse, each time the lead goes back in time he gains a bit more insight into his present.

This series was intriguing and dealt with paradoxes in a reasonable way… for the most part. It really left me with a bittersweet feel. Still it was satisfying. It was because of this series that I started seeking Korean time travel shows, since I’ve never really been big in that genre.

I don’t know what it was about Lee Jin-Wook in this role, but he made a blip on my sexy radar. It’s odd, because I watched him in another Korean Drama and despite him having the lead role, I totally was rooting for the other team. Still he was sexy in this one. It’s probably because he didn’t play a jerk like he did in the other K-Drama I didn’t like him in.

Lie to Me

Lie to Me PosterLast but not least, Lie to Me. I happened upon this one by accident. In fact, this is likely the series which got me on the K-Drama rampage. I was searching for the American Lie to Me and happened to come across this. I was so excited my cable company carried it on demand. Watched that, then started seeking other Korean shows.

Basically, this circles around a gal who turns a misunderstanding into a lie and runs with it. I’m talking olympic running. It’s one of those Cinderella stories. Now that I think about it, a lot of Korean Dramas are Cinderella stories. Rich man meets poor girl and they beat all odds for their happy ever after.

Now I have to admit, I’ve watched so many Korean Dramas, I’m not sure it belongs as a favorite. However, since it’s what drew me in, I can’t help but be fond of it.

So that’s enough for now. This list is not all-inclusive. They’re just the ones which come to mind and have a special place in my head at the moment. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Are you into K-Drama? What are some of your favorites?

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