Korean Drama (K-Drama) Trends (Part Two)

The list of trends in K-Drama are never ending. In a way, it makes K-Drama rather fun. If you didn’t catch the last 5 on my list, feel free to do that now. For the rest of us, the trends continue.

Men have egos bigger than the moon

I’m surprised the men in the dramas don’t have broken arms with all the time they spend patting themselves on the back. They’re constantly telling the women of their dreams why she should love him or why she’s so lucky to have him. Because all women love egotistical jerks, right? NOT!

Men LOVE ugly women

How do I know this? Because when he never fails to correct her when she or someone else mentions she’s pretty. And if that’s not enough, he’ll flat out tell her she’s unattractive.

Koreans can put away the food like it’s nobody’s business

Okay… that’s only half true. Korean women can put away the food like nobody’s business. I don’t know if they think they’re in a race to the finish, afraid someone will take their food away if they don’t gobble it down as quick as possible, or fear it’ll be their last meal so pack away as much as possible before it disappears, or what. The thing I don’t get is how actresses stay so skinny, especially when every other scene includes shoveling away food.

Koreans can drink like it’s nobody’s business

The evenings are filled with Gunbae! (cheers in Korean) and one shot as shot glass after shot glass of soju (Korean rice wine) is consumed. I will note, Koreans are not immune to the effects of alcohol. And a scene of binge drinking often transitions to a scene with a piggy back ride.

It’s not a K-Drama without a piggyback ride

Which brings me to the last notable mention for this post. The piggyback ride. No K-Drama is complete without the piggyback ride. Once in a while, the lucky (or rather unlucky) lady will find herself on bottom, as she struggles up hills and suffers flights of stairs to tote her drunken fella home. But by the end of the series, she’ll get her piggyback ride too, even if she has to twist her ankle to sucker him into it.

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