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Over the past couple of days I’ve had several goodies walk in my house. I’m quite excited about every last one of them. So on Thursday, I gained one new prize.

I ordered this book after Taschima from Bloody Bookaholic gave me the awesome news I’d won three books (Betrayed by P.C. Past + Kristin Cast, Darklight by Lesley Livingston, and Captivate by Carrie Jones) from her ridiculously awesome giveaway. Since these books are sequels, I thought I’d get a jump start on some while waiting for my giveaway lewt to arrive. As I mentioned before, YA is rather a new genre for me. I’m still a bit apprehensive about it. But the first line of Marked totally pulled me in. “Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I saw the dead guy standing next to my locker.” Yep. That’s going to the top of my to read pile.

Late in the evening Friday, my husband walked in with three more goodies.

Now the thing with the Vampire Academy: I’d entered several contests for it cause so many people were talking about it. I’m a sucker for trends. Well, I didn’t win any of the contests. You know how it goes–win some, lose some or is it, can’t win them all? Whatever. I decided to take the plunge and buy it myself. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 🙂

Next up, Nicholas. 🙂 When I searched for hot erotic novels, this came up a few times. I didn’t head out and get it though. I just sort of wanted it secretly. Then I read that satyr’s had two penises. WHAT?!!? Oh yeah. I had to check that one out. So that’s how this naughty novel ended up in my mailbox. It even comes with a warning! “This is a REALLY HOT book.” Tisss. Yeouch!

Last up is City of Bones. The short story of how this came to be is someone marked The Immortal Instruments for read on goodreads, and I followed suit. When I got in the ordering mood which sweeps me by surprise I decided to add it to the list. And voila! I’ve got a new YA book. Funny thing, when it came, my daughter said she’d already read the entire series. She liked it! So, I know that’ll be top of the list.

Right now I’m debated if I should find out what’s with the dead guy in Marked or the phallus of two in Nicholas. Choices choices. 🙂

I ordered these titles from the book depository. Woot for free delivery and competitive prices!

The Book Depository

FYI! Book Depository is having a birthday coupon thingie. 10% off your order. The offer is good until August 31, 2010. If you’re interested in receiving one either send me an email at or leave a comment. I’d be happy to send you coupon love. 🙂

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