My Anniversary!

Okay…not just my anniversary, my husband’s also. 🙂 The ever thoughtful man of the house purchased me pretty pink silk pajamas recommended by Oprah. Now anyone who knows me, knows I could spend all day in night clothes…and sometimes I do. 🙂 Check them out!

I’ll let you in on a secret. I sleep naked but throw on comfortable night gear when I get up in the morning (at least most of the time). If you stop by my house tomorrow, that’s what I’ll be wearing. Wouldn’t life be great if it were socially acceptable to go around in comfortable nighties?

0 thoughts on “My Anniversary!

  1. OMG, those are GORGEOUS! I totally want some now!

    I sleep basically fully clothed. Usually in a tanktop & yoga pants, but more & more often these days I go to bed just wearing one of FH’s gigantic t-shirts & skipping the pants. It’s hot in Texas, yknow. 🙂

    Happy anniversary!!

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