My Name is Reena and I’m Addicted to Books

Okay. I’ve got it bad. I used to order just a couple of books at a time. Devour them, then head back to the book store. Something’s happened to me though. It’s like I can’t get enough of books. I’ve taken to just shoving them in boxes as they come in, cause I know I can’t get to them as soon as I want. There are just TOO MANY of them!!! And they just keep coming and coming and coming. I think it has something to do with my constant ordering. I’m afraid I might need help. Anyone know of a Books Anonymous club I might join?

Well, until then, allow me to share the most recent books to my collection.

About a month ago, I was the fifth winner of a Bloody Bookaholics‘ giveaway and had a choice of several books. One of Jeaniene Frost’s books was amongst the selection. Thing was, I I was an Young Adult (YA) kick at the time. So I skipped this selection since it seemed like my typical reads, Paranormal Romance (PR). Later, someone mentioned what a great series this was, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Anyway, I mentioned in an earlier post I received a Pandigital Novel (post here). So instead of blindly ordering novels from my reading list, I decided to read some samples on my e-Reader first. Halfway to the Grave passed the test and went in my shopping cart.

Next up! I finally got tired of everyone talking about this book and being left out of the loop! Again, I picked up my usually trusty Pandigital Novel and read a sample. I’ll be honest. If this were an adult PR, I might not have made the purchase. The first few chapters were intriguing, but not to the point it jumped right out at me. The saving point was that it was YA which I’m craving these days. Currently, my daughter is reading it and enjoying it. She tells me it’s interesting enough to keep her attention, but not the best book she’s read this year, which currently happens to be Hunger Game, which also happens to be my current favorite of the year. The review on that tasty treat will be available this coming Monday. And that leads to my most recent acquisition!

Yes! Just thinking about this book makes me sigh. Catching Fire is the sequel to Hunger Games. I immediately ordered it after finishing Hunger Games. It was that good! Yes, I used the Pandigital Novel to read a sample. Not because I wasn’t sure about it, but rather because I COULD NOT WAIT!!!!! Now, I’ve been tasked to read this novel before Sunday so my daughter can take it with her to my mother’s house. Americans, you may notice the cover is different from your US version. Why is that? Well, I ordered all these from the Book Depository which allowed me to choose between the UK and US cover even though I live in the hot and humid state of North Carolina.

Anyway, I need to start reading Catching Fire. I’ve been stroking it off and on while typing this post and find myself getting strangely aroused. The whole thing is odd and starting to creep me out.

The Book Depository

If no one’s let you in on it yet, The Book Depository is having a birthday coupon thingie. 10% off your order. The offer is good until August 31, 2010. If you’re interested in receiving one either send me an email at or leave a comment. I’d be happy to send you coupon love.

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