NaNoWriMo – Update 3

The week started off well. Monday, I hit my goal. Tuesday I had an appointment and got a late start. Still managed my goal. I was kicking butt. Then Wednesday came around. I cannot tell you how much I did not want to play NaNo on Wednesday. I actually considered giving myself a break for the day. Still, I got to it and eked out a few hundred words before I was set to give up. Finally I decided to skip ahead… way ahead. Pulled out the NaNo suggested minimum (1667 words) and took a break. Came back and squeezed out the last 600 words I needed to hit 2300 for the day. I cannot tell you how thankful I was when that was over.

Sometime during the week, the worries started to hit. I’d outlined my story from beginning to end. For the most part it’d been a pretty stable outline. I’d added a scene here and there and split some chapters. I’d even considered deleting a few scenes. But overall, my outline had been good to me. Which was why I started to worry the closer I got to the end. I finished Friday at almost 29k, and I only had 2 scenes left to write. I estimated it’d add 3-5k to my manuscript. I thought, holy cow! I’ve written a novella, not a novel.

I tried to stay calm though. I still had some partially written scenes which only had a few notes or significant pieces to complete. But 15k worth? Doubtful. I ended up adding a couple more scenes to beef up the romance, which was lacking. Haven’t written them yet, but I’m thinking it’ll add a few thousand words. So I’m feeling a bit better.

I’ve also gone back and started writing the partial scenes and the scenes I’d skipped. Depending on how my numbers look after I finish the first draft, I might just start editing. I find I’m more likely to add during the second draft. It’s not until the final draft where I find myself cutting like crazy. And since I’m ahead of the game, I think it’ll be okay to start fleshing out my work after I get the initial story written.

All in all, I did pretty well the second week. I met my 2300 word quota Tuesday through Friday and yesterday, completed about 1800 over the weekend, and ending week two at 33061 words.

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