NaNoWriMo โ€“ Update 4

One of the hardest things about writing my WIP is the fact the first draft sucks. I can only give NaNo part of the blame. Cause the first draft of my Shadow Cat novel also sucked. Not as bad, but pretty close. After a year of on and off editing, I believe Shadow Cat is starting to come together. I still have a lot of trimming, editing, and revising, but I’m confident the finished product will to my liking.

I have to remind myself that it’s okay that Alley Cat (NaNo WIP) has scenes that won’t remain and a lot of scenes that’ll need rewriting… not just editing but a thorough reworking. One thing I can say about NaNo is it’s given me the getterdun attitude. Something I haven’t felt since Aug-Oct 2009 while working on the first draft of Shadow Cat. It’s a great feeling to know I’ve written two novels, even if neither are ready for publication.

Once NaNo is over, I’m going to work on the edits of Shadow Cat while finishing Regina’s Story. Remember Brandon’s Wife from Control Freak? Yeah… that’s the one. Then it’s on to writing the sequel to Shadow Cat which only has about 10k words thus far. As I mentioned earlier, I skipped to the third and final book (Alley Cat) for my NaNo work because I’d yet to start it.

I think if I alternate between editing and writing a book, I can really give a serious go at a writing career.

This week went by quite well. I met my 2300 goal M-F everyday except for Wednesday. And even then I came in close with 2k. I even made a pretty good run on the weekend adding 3624 words. I ended my week at 47425 words.

As far as my novel itself, it’s coming to an end. I’ve filled in most of the blanks. By this Wednesday I hope to have my 50k which should complete my first draft of Alley Cat. Perfect timing, cause I believe November 25 (Thanksgiving) is also the first date participants can validate their entries.

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  1. Wahoo! That is so cool on your word count. I’m way behind, but not so much that if I push myself I won’t catch up before the end of the month. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think every author looks at their rough draft and wonders If there is anything of worth in that pile of crap. I know I do.

    I’m looking forward to reading Shadow Cat. Control Freak was great.

  2. A lot of my writer buddies decided they weren’t willing to sacrifice quantity for quality. They take writing seriously, so there’s no question whether they’ll finish their works in progress with or without the NaNo push. One of the things I like about NaNo is it gives folks an opportunity to try a different method at writing. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, then you know. If nothing else, it gives folks a kick start in the month of November. ๐Ÿ™‚

    In other news: Last night I hit 50K. I have three scenes left of Alley Cat plus one chapter and maybe an epilogue to finish it. I’m going to take my time working through it over the next six days. But come December 1st, finished or not, I’m hopping back into the edits of Shadow Cat. The first chapter is up if you’re interested in reading it. And I’m still looking for Beta Readers if you want a seek preview.

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