No Remorse Blog Tour: Who Art Thou Thursday? MaryLynn Bast

Today we wrap up our week with MaryLynn Bast with an interview. 🙂 YAY! If you have more questions for her, sneak a few in the comments.

Reena Jacobs: Congratulations on your debut release, MaryLynn. Tell us a little about No Remorse.

MaryLynn Bast: No Remorse is a novel with a different take on werewolves. Yes, there are some similarities at other stories, but not exactly like other stories. Where most seem to center around a male werewolf, No Remorse focuses on Amber, a female werewolf, who has special abilities never possessed by another. She is ripped from her mother’s side at a young age and is forced to defend herself while always on the run. Isaac, the werewolves Council Leader hunts for Amber. He wants to find the source of her special abilities so he can use them for his own. Amber meets Blake when she is eighteen but does not want to put him in danger, so she leaves and lives her life on the run. One day she comes across and wreck and finds Blake inside, on the brink of death. She knows if she helps she will be pulled into his life, but she couldn’t allow him to die. Now, finding herself in the middle of a pack she must decide if she will stick around and deal with the drama when one of the packs cub is kidnapped. Will her abilities be enough to keep Blake and his pack safe when Isaac suddenly appears? Is she willing to put Blake’s life in danger to know what she has secretly longed for, family and friends?

RJ: On your website you talk about the origin of werewolves. Will you share a few interesting tidbits about the werewolves in your novel and where they come from?

MB: Throughout No Remorse I do take the reader into the past to understand why Amber does some of the things she does to survive without guidance. There are interesting tidbits that explain how the werewolves in my world can be bonded and what happens when a werewolf bites a human.

RJ: Sounds like folks are going to have to dig into the book for the juicy deets. 🙂 It looks like you have quite a bit lined up for the Heart of a Wolf series. Where did get the inspiration for your stories?

MB: I have always loved wolves and reading shapeshifter stories, but never considered writing one until my friend and fellow author Elizabeth Kolodziej suggested I write for a short story contest featuring wolves. Once I got into writing No Remorse, the ideas kept coming as I brought in characters.

RJ: Speaking of more ideas. What are you working on now?

MB: “A Justified Kill” has just been beta read and is being edited. This story features Amber before you meet her in No Remorse. As she remains on the run, she works in small roadside bars to make money along the way. While in the small backwoods town in Northern California, Amber makes her first change, and has to deal with the chaos that ensues.

“The Rescue” is a story of Marcello, a character from No Remorse. Marcello is a Special Forces Ops Agent who goes into Iraq to save a soldier being held hostage. There he finds that female werewolves are being experimented on to use against American Troops.

“One Bite To Passion” was just completed and is in the process of being beta read. I do not have a synopsis ready for this one yet because I literally just finished writing it last night, or should I say at 3:30am this morning. I wrote this because a publisher of erotica tales asked me to write it for his new line of paranormal romances that he is putting together.

I have a lot more works that are in process that I am working on a little bit at a time. But coming up next is “Softest Touch”, Book two of the Heart of a Wolf Series. This story once again features werewolves and others paranormal abilities. The main characters will meet with the characters of No Remorse to find the murders of a six year old boy’s parents. They find that there is a problem with children being abducted, sold and used for their special abilities.

RJ: Give us a brief description of a story you have hidden in your skeleton closet? And will it ever see the light of day?

MB: Growing up, I had to deal with an abusive stepfather. The way I dealt with that mentally was to read and write, to escape into my own world where I could hide away. Not too long ago, thinking on the situation, I sat down and wrote the beginnings of a story where the main character is a DA who was abused as a child and when the criminals skate on technicalities she finally quits. One day she comes across a man watching a little girl in a park. After doing her own investigations, she takes matters into her own hands and deals with him. This is a pretty dark tale that I will someday pull back out when I am in that frame of mind again and finish it.

RJ: I have a special place in my heart for stories that put me on emotional journeys. I wish you the best with that story. With hindsight being 20/20, is there anything you would have changed with your publishing journey?

MB: Yes, research is one of the things that I failed to do in the beginning and got myself into a bind. But with the help of my writers group, I made contacts with the right person and got out of the contract within a couple days, where I had heard it had taken years for others.

RJ: Do you have any advice for other writers?

MB: If you have a story to tell, then tell it. I have heard so many people say that wish they could write a book. Well, just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect…that’s what beta readers and editors are for.

RJ: Anything special you’d like to say to readers?

MB: Without readers, writers would have no audience to hear the stories they must tell. Thank you for your support!

RJ: Thank you for spending the week with us!

About MaryLynn Bast

MaryLynn Bast is a Texas native who is currently living it up in Las Vegas. Bast writes paranormal fantasy romance because it allows her imagination to run rampant, permitting the characters of her stories to obtain abilities not possible in the real world, or is it? MaryLynn is married to Patrick, has three children, three step children and enjoys traveling the world.

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0 thoughts on “No Remorse Blog Tour: Who Art Thou Thursday? MaryLynn Bast

  1. MaryLynn Bast has moved herself into my Favorite Readers list. I loved No Remorse and cannot wait for her next book. She has her own wonderful style of writing. She puts a great twist on the typical werewolf story. I hope everyone loves this book at leas half as much as I do. Loved the interview and great post about her.

  2. Hi MaryLynn!

    i’m still reading this book, but i’m curious. in the cover, she has a paw print birthmark on her back. what does the birthmark means?

  3. Sienny,
    Great question! The birthmark was actually an afterthought when doing the cover. However, it gave me a great idea and all female werewolves in this series will be sporting the same birthmark. 🙂

    On my webpage, I give a mini history information on my werewolves world. This will be expanding as I get further into the series. As it is right now, in the packs, men are very dominate and because of the mental connections, the women have been pretty much been under their rule….until now. 🙂 The birthmark appears after the women have mated showing that they have been “claimed”. I will give more information on this in Softest Touch and a few of the short stories I am currently working on.

    Hope this answers your question.


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  5. ah.. it’s a mark of ownership, so to speak? thanks for the info, now i’ll continue reading peacefully 🙂

  6. This has taken me into another world, one that I can visit when I need rest from everyday life. Being part of Ambers life takes me away from my own. I am intostydying all the time and need somewhere where to retreat to for a little while, and I have found this is the place. This world is unique compared to other books I have read and to tell the truth never finish, they would become boring and uninteresting, with no new plot to arouse the interest. It is good to know Ms. Bast will continue to write, now I will have a safe place to visit from my own dwelling place , just a page away from the next adventure. Very exciting!

  7. Great interview and its going to be great to see all the books come out! And it was a very good message to not worry about being perfect if you want to write a book, most people DO shy awat from doing it because of that!

  8. This book was fantastic!!
    I couldn’t wait to get back to it everyday.. I got a little pieved with life getting in the way of my readings..
    I can not wait untill the next one is out! Mary you did such a great job..
    I could visualize every word in my mind.
    (almost red in the face in some of the sections of the book) as my husban and son would see me reading!!
    This book has everything in it that I could want in a story.

    Thank you for being so detailed!!!!

  9. Mary Preston, the birthmark was originally going to be a tattoo, but when my designer added, it looked more like a birthmark and gave me the idea. 🙂 Take inspiration where it comes.

    Thanks bn100. 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading No Remorse.


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