Novel Review: Maximum Ride ~ Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson

the blurb from Mr. Patterson’s website:

The time has arrived for Max and her winged ‘Flock’ to face their ultimate enemy and discover their original purpose: to defeat the takeover of ‘Re-evolution’, a sinister experiment to re-engineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race…and to terminate the rest.

Before I start, I will mention this is not exactly spoiler free.

I mentioned in my prior reviews (The Angel Experiment and School’s Out — Forever) that the flock had an established routine. The Baddies came, the flock fought, the flock fled. Rinse and repeat. This time Mr. Patterson switched it up on us a little. The Baddies came, the flock fought, the flock was captured, the flock fought, the flock fled. Rinse and repeat. So I asked myself, why in the world am I continuing to read this book if it’s so predictable. Then the answer came to me on the next page where I cracked up laughing. I turned the page again, and I had another bout of the giggles. This book is just plain hilarious. And the dog, Total, his dry sense of humor is just too much for me sometimes. I have to hand it to Mr. Patterson, he knows how to keep me amused.

As for the plot… sucky sucky. Like I said, predictable and stale. Well… not always predictable. Sometimes the story was just plain fantastic. And when I say fantastic, I’m not talking about awesome, great, I’m talking about outrageously unbelievable.

For one, the head honchos had some serious faulty logic going on, which made the entire villain aspect crazy dumb. Which brings us to the intelligence of the scientist–crazy dumb. I still don’t understand why Max and her flock are alive. How hard is it to kill a bunch of kids confined to cages? Call me crazy dumb (tee hee), but a few bullets to the head at close range could do it, right? It’s not rocket science. It’s just ridiculous. They can gene splice but can’t figure out how to exterminate a bunch of kids in cages.

I could deal with the scientist taking oxymoron to a whole new level, but it was an impossible escape which had me in an uproar. Here’s the thing… the book is in Max’s POV most of the time… first person. So it would make sense that I would know what she knows, right? After all, she’s telling me her story. Only thing… we get to the place where the flock is doomed… no way out… the end. Then all hell breaks loose and then Max hits us with the bomb. She’s planned it this way all along. What!??! I didn’t hear about any plan, and I should know cause I was right there INSIDE Max’s head!

The only logical explanation I have for this is Mr. Patterson wrote this by the seat of his pants and backed himself into a corner. Instead of having a viable solution he build a secret magic door and let everyone hop through. OMG! Just thinking about that lame ass escape upsets me. I thought about not finishing the book. That lasted about an hour then I continued. Two pages later, I was laughing again. Did I mention this book is highly amusing despite the below substandard plot?

So we know Max et al. are looking for their real parents. This time Max gets thrown a bone. It was so Jedi like too… except it wasn’t. If Max had been Luke, the scene would have gone like this.

Darth Vader: Luke, I am your father. *yeah… for you fact nuts, I know he doesn’t actually say that… but go with me.

A few scenes later, Luke meets up with Obiwan.

Obiwan: Darth Vader is a liar. I am your father.

Luke: What?

Obiwan: And Yoda is your mother.

You don’t believe me? I swear, it went down like that in Saving the World. Read the book if you think I’m lying!

Anyway, I picked out my favorite line from the entire book. I swear this sums up my reaction perfectly… if you take out the “probably life threatening part.” Spoken by Max:

“Something asinine, probably life threatening, and guaranteed to make me angry every time I remember it for the rest of my life.”

Now tell me she didn’t nail that one!

And yes, I am going on to the next book. Why? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in for a lot of laughs.

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Or try the three box set (The Angel Experiment (Book 1), School’s Out Forever (Book 2), and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Book 3). Three books in, and I’m still enjoying this story. Find it at:

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  1. I got this entire series at the back of my TBR shelves… been meaning to read it… but because I got disappointed with Witch and Wizard I did not really pick this one up (yet)… I might, just for the laughs… thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I spent a great deal of time laughing. I’m new to James Patterson. The Angel Experiment wasn’t a bad start but didn’t make me a fan of him. Still glad I got the opportunity to read the first four books.

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