Novella Review: Hunted by Lindsay Buroker

Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker (see review here) ended with a “this is just the beginning” feel to it. Who knew, Ms. Buroker would have the sequel available so soon. Did I run out and get my copy? Well, of course! The blurb from Goodreads:

Self-taught tinkerer Kali McAlister is determined to build an airship and escape the frigid Yukon forever. Unfortunately, she’s the heir to the secrets of flash gold, an alchemical energy source that tends to make her a popular target for bandits, gangsters, and pirates.

With the help of her bounty-hunting business partner, Cedar, Kali has outwitted and eluded attackers before, and she thinks she’s prepared for anything. Then her ex-fiancé strolls into her workshop.

As if fooling her once wasn’t enough, he aims to embroil her in a fresh scheme. Meanwhile, a new nemesis is stalking her, a shrouded figure with an arsenal of deadly machines that make Kali’s inventions seem like toys. This time, it’ll take more than her ingenuity and Cedar’s combat skills to survive.

Hunted is a 27,000-word steampunk novella.

Printed page count equivalent: 120

One thing I like about Buroker books is the writing is descriptive in all the right places. The same goes for Hunted. Plus, Hunted was a short and easy read, a trait I’m truly appreciating these days.

This time around, Kali and Cedar work on ironing out their relationship — both on the business and romantic front. “Does he like or like-like me? But if he’s trying to rip me off, perhaps he doesn’t like me at all.” Before we continue, a little video that comes to mind when I think of Kali and Cedar’s relationship.

Okay… maybe Kali wasn’t that aggressive, but I know she wanted to be.

Quite a few plot points and a few mysteries in this piece. I’m thinking Ms. Buroker has an entire saga running around in her head with these two characters. Bit by bit, pieces of the puzzle are being laid out. On the same note, major issues throughout the story went unresolved, giving me the impression this was more of an intermission. Hunted doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger, but I’m sure there’s more to the story since it had an incomplete feel to it. I’m curious to know where it will all end.

Available at: Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles

I read Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning (review here) and Halfway to the Grave by Jeannine Frost (review here) this year; both ended on a cliffhanger or a stay tuned for more kind of feel. Interestingly enough, those series have quite a following. So I ask you: What are your thoughts on open-ended books? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter?

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Hunted on your blog, Reena! Yeah, I definitely envision these novellas as being similar to a season of television where things get wrapped up in the last couple of episodes. I’m not sure how many there will be yet, but I hope everything will come together well in the end! 🙂

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