Novella Review: Whisper of Sin by Nalini Singh

So a few weeks ago I read Here There Be Monsters by Meljean Brook (see review here) and loved it! I was quite impressed with the book considering it was the last one and Ms. Brook’s name had the smallest type. Great start (or ending as the case may be), so I was sure to receive great entries from the other authors. Now I originally purchased this anthology because I’m a Nalini Singh fan. She sort of fell out of favor with her last psi-changeling novel, but oh well. 🙂 Whisper of Sin was another chance for her. Before I get into the review, a quick blurb from Ms. Singh’s website:

“Whisper of Sin” features Ria, who, as Lucas’s executive assistant, has appeared in a number of previous books in the series including Slave to Sensation and Mine to Possess. This novella is set back in time, and tells the story of how Ria met her changeling mate, Emmett, and became part of DarkRiver. It also shows us another glimpse of DarkRiver’s past.

Honestly, it’d been so long since I’d read a Psi-Changeling novel, I wasn’t sure who Ria and Emmett were. No matter, 🙂 I could still enjoy the story. The storyline started interesting enough, though I wasn’t sure if Ria was human for the longest time. As I said, it’d been a while.

The character development was decent. Ria and Emmett were likable folks. Honestly, I don’t have much to stay about them. They didn’t stand out as overly unique.

As far as the plot goes, well… I’d say it was one of the weakest story lines in the Psi-Changeling series, in my opinion. However, I liked it better than her prior novel, Blaze of Memory. So what was the issue with it? The stakes were rather weak. I remember reading on Ms. Singh’s website once something to the effect, think of the worst thing which could happen to your character, then do it to them. Well, nothing bad happened. There were no significant wedges driving the lovely couple apart. The fight scene was given as back story.

I’m a little apprehensive about purchasing Bonds of Justice at the moment, which came out in July 2010. Anyone boasting about it as a gotta read?

Anyway… there’s still the Guild Hunter line. 🙂

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