Please Stay Tuned

I’m still going through all the new GFC friends I’ve gained. Many have websites I’ve yet to visit, and I want to be sure I get around to them soon. Many thanks to Good Choice Reading for hosting this great event and putting us in touch. Also, thanks to all who’ve taken a chance on me.

I hate to say it, but it’ll take me a little longer than usual to tally the entries. Normally, I use a form which requires me to simply download into excel and run some formulas. This time, I used comments and need to go through them to make sure there are no duplicates. Plus some got caught in my spam filter. 🙂 I have to admit, I do like the simple GFC follow and tweet entries. Next time, it’ll just be through a form. It’s a learning experience.

While I tabulate the entries, I hope to appease you with an Author Interview. Stop in tomorrow and Kitty Thomas, author of Comfort Food, will pay us a visit. Her novel landed in three of the Fall Giveaway prize groups (Giveaway #2 – The Reviews, Giveaway #3 – love, Love, LOVED IT!, and Giveaway #4 – My Buddies’ Fab Faves!) Yes, it was that good! So if you haven’t read it, definitely give it a try. And please stop by and say hello to Ms. Thomas. The Fall Giveaway is over, but I have a feeling the giveaways haven’t ended. <wink> <wink>

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