Reuser: Now’s the Time to Lay those Ideas on Paper!

Do you ever post a comment on someone’s blog and thing, man, what a waste of a good post! Okay, I do that all the time. And here’s a recycled comment I’m stealing from myself which I left at Booksend a couple of weeks ago. Just another reminder to keep writing and don’t let the rejections get you down.

When I first starting querying, I never expected a rejection. Honestly, I thought my work was art. I only had to sit back and wait for the offers to roll in. Oh my goodness. How would I chose amongst the many agents who’d want my work?

Then I got my first rejection. My thoughts were more on the line, oh bummer. That’s odd. Oh well, they must have a full plate. No matter. That’s just one.

Then the rejections started rolling in one by one. I couldn’t believe no one in my first batch of queries wanted my work. It hit me that maybe my work wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it was. I had that moment that maybe I sucked as a writer. (haha maybe I do, for real and it’s not maybe).

Regardless, I had to make a choice. Either I’d get back in there and try again or I wouldn’t. Simple as that.

I hear the phrase “writers write” so often. Yeah it’s true. However, even you’re favorite food gets old after eating it everyday for a year. Sometimes writers need a break from the writing lifestyle. Most people don’t work 7 days a week 365 days a year. So, why is there that expectation for writers?

Take a step back and refresh. Let the excitement bubble back in you again. Then hop to it. Learn more about the industry, improve your writing style, and accept that your first work may need a bit of tweaking before sending it out again.

Start that next project. Remember all the ideas which popped into your head that you didn’t have time to write because you were focused on the now completed work. Time to put those to paper. Surely you expected to write another book eventually, right? Now’s the time.

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