Special Post: Running out of Ideas?

Sometime last week, I chatted with Ingela F. Hyatt on twitter. Her father passed this year, and she mentioned he wouldn’t get the opportunity to read her second novel.

Of course it got me thinking about my dad, who’s spent the last 7-8 years recovering from a stroke. I constantly worry he’s going to kick the bucket out of the blue, cause his health isn’t so great. On top of that, he doesn’t take care of himself the way he should. Then again, he might outlive me. 🙂

So I’m thinking, I’ve never shared the writing aspect of my life with my dad. I’m pushing the 1 1/2 year mark, and my dad doesn’t know how I spend most of my time. Well, I finally got up the nerve to tell him last week.

At first he was surprised. I droned on about my plans to self-publish and rattled off some random statistics about the traditional route which may or may not be true. 🙂 When he asked me what type of books I write, I started with Paranormal Romance. He seemed quite interested in that. Then I decided to take the plunge and managed to get  “Erotica” out loud and clear…not a squeak in my voice.

Dad: What’s that you say?

Me: Erotica

Dad: Hmm…I don’t think I’ve heard of that before.

Me: It’s about sex, Dad. Sex.

Dad: Oh…I…thought that’s what it was. I…I just didn’t want to say.

Yeah, neither did I, but I was on a roll. So we chatted a bit more. A bit of skepticism started to creep into my dad’s voice. “Eventually you’ll run out of ideas.”

Dad doesn’t know me very well. 🙂 Coming up with ideas is no problem. My ideas folder currently has 68 items in it. Ideas are no problem, getting them on paper…now that’s a problem.

Shadow Cat came to me August 2008. It was my first complete story idea. I spent a month writing it before I put it aside for a year and returned to it in August 2009. The next month, I started my ideas folder. 68 items not including the random stuff I jot on paper at odd moments–in my bible, slips of paper, notebooks–probably never to be seen again. 🙂

“Dad,” I said. “I’ll probably be dead before I write 68 pieces. Trust me, I won’t run out of ideas.”

What about you? How do you track your ideas? Are they easy coming?

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  1. I use a program called Papel to keep my ideas together. It’s very simple and graphic and you’ll never lose another scribbled idea again.

    I imagine your dad was a bit shocked.

  2. Thanks Catherine. 🙂

    I’ll have to look into Papel. One of the disadvantages of keeping my ideas in Word documents is I have a bunch of files with one liners, paragraphs, and scenes. I never know what’s in each file until I open it up. Would be nice to have something a bit more organized.

    My dad got over his shock rather quickly…at least from what I could tell on the phone. I wish I could crawl into his mind sometimes to find out what he’s really thinking. 🙂

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