Saturday Special: Martin King’s #100blogfest

Have you heard? Martin King is attempting to write 100 guest posts for 100 different websites, and he’s close. Oh boy is he close to meeting that goal. Last time I checked, he was at #77. Today he’s here. For those who follow Who Art Thou Thursdays, you probably remember this question: Cursive or Print? Let’s see what Mr. Martin has to say.


I must have the worst writing in the whole world. People use the phrase spider writing, but this is more a case of squashed spider writing. But it wasn’t always that way. This story begins when I was seven.

I had just moved from primary to junior school and I had gone from being a big fish in a little pond to a small fish in an ocean.

So one day I was in my new Englishy-type lesson when the teacher announced we would be doing a hand writing competition. Back then you weren’t allowed to use biros in class, it had to be real fountain pens. The desks still had ink wells in them to have your little ink pots, but by now cartridge pens were all the rage. That was the days when school you to provide blotting paper – you remember that bitty pink stuff.

Well I was desperate to win and I tried so hard. I pulled out every beautiful curve imaginable. And you never guess what… I actually won. My prize was a really posh Parker ink pen with a spare set of cartridges. And from that moment on I was the best hand writer in the whole year.

Wow – that is a lovely story you may think, but I can tell by the puzzled expressions on your faces you are wondering what happened? How come I went from being so good at writing to being so poor? The answer is joined up letters. I could painstakingly craft any individual letter with great care and craft but the day we had to join them all together, the spiders came to lodge.

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  1. I talked to a writing buddy a few days ago about NaNo and mentioned not editing to keep you moving. He said perhaps he’ll just write LIKETHISANDNOTEVENWORRYABOUTSPACES. Yeah sure… but then that’d only count as one word. doh!

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