Self-Publishing Strategy Session

Where are you in your self-publishing journey

Self-Publishing Strategy Sessions

In this free 1-hour strategy session, we’ll work to clarify a goal or challenge you’re having in your self-publishing journey. This may be anywhere along the process, from book idea to finding readers for your book. From there, we’ll work on action steps you can use immediately to reach your goals.

This is our opportunity to see if my coaching solutions are the right fit for you. If, after working with me for an hour or so, I’m not the right fit, I understand and wish you the best. There is no obligation of any sort.

I love the services I offer, and I want to provide them to individuals who’ll love them also.

I only work with clients whom I’m sure I can help. My clients’ success is as important to me as it is to them. Why? Because I succeed when my clients do. It does neither of us any good if I try to pound a square peg into a round hole. To help determine if you’re the right, do a quick evaluation of yourself.

Do you…

Constantly look for ways to improve yourself?
Takes responsibility for the consequences of your actions?
Refuse to let failure stop you from trying again?
Takes chances despite your fears.?
Have the willingness and ability to invest in yourself ?

If you answer yes to all these questions, let’s talk.

One more thing! I accept no more than 6 new clients a month.

Please don’t complete a prequalification application if you’re not geared and ready to go immediately. My REVEAL Strategy Sessions are for those who are serious about running a success business and are ready to take action today. If you are a go-getter and have the traits listed above, I encourage you to complete the prequalification questionnaire below.