Software Review: Character Writer 3.1 (Part one)

I’ve been searching for software to suit my needs. In my goal to develop 3D characters, I decided to give Character Writer a try.  Quick summary of the program from the website.

Great stories require great characters. Yet, it’s one of the hardest thing to pull off. Now there’s an easy and powerful way to develop your stories utilizing the Enneagram personality types like the professionals do.

Character Writer 3.1

It’s actually a pretty neat program. It takes you through steps, asking you questions about your character. The program also makes suggestions for your characters in terms of behavior and goals. It even has a nifty little section for psychological disorders. It’s not all-inclusive. But as a psychology major, I found it pretty awesome.

Beyond the basic character personality and such, it also helps you form relationships between characters. Keep in mind that Character Writer offers guidelines and suggestions. If you want a paper box character, follow their suggestions to a T, but what fun would that be? I found it most helpful in creating supplemental characters (not main characters, though the questions and suggestions did get me thinking). I had an idea for a villain and inputted my information. The Character Writer did a pretty good job defining my villain character in the way I wanted.

Anyway, great program. It provides an excellent system to help a writer get to know his/her characters.

It’s a free download to try before you buy.

Character Writer has a section for plotting also. I’ll give my review of that hopefully next week. If not then, then soon.

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