Software Review Sabbatical

I’ve weaseled out the past few weeks, at least it seems like weeks, with my software reviews. Yes, there are still bundles of writing software I haven’t experienced. Trust me, I have a list I’ve created. Here’s the thing. I’m a bit software burnt out at the moment. Well, not really burnt out. More on the lines of preoccupied with other things in life…like writing. 🙂

It would seem like the perfect opportunity to try out new software. However, I’m rather focused on one particular piece right now. The time it takes to set up a WIP in a new software can take a significant amount of time. Then there’s the matter of transferring the piece back and forth between programs. Ack! Imagine the headache!

I’ve found a piece of software I’m enjoying right now called StoryBox (review here). Once I get this current WIP out of the way using my wonderful (still in development) copy of StoryBox, I’ll probably start reviewing software again. It’s much easier for me to play with different programs while my ideas are still in the brainstorming process rather than the current “must get story down now!” mode.

So that’s just a heads up. Thanks for being patient with me.

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