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When I found out Eden Baylee had a new book, I was like, what? I totally love the title (yeah… I know… valley girl gone bad these days)! Fall into Winter then Spring into Summer? I’m likin’ it. Today, Ms. Baylee is here to share with us her latest release.

Fire and Hot Showers

I’m thrilled to be on Reena’s blog to talk about my latest book, Spring into Summer—a book of four erotic novellas, two that take place in the spring and two in the summer.

Almost a year ago in an interview Reena did with me, I asked her what turns her on creatively. Here’s what she said, “ … whenever I write myself into a hole, a nice hot shower usually is all I need to find a solution.”

I’m very much like Reena in that way. I love hot showers because they help clear my mind and turn me on creatively as well.

I have a shower scene in “Summer Solstice,” the hottest novella of my book. It takes place on the shimmering waters of Cape Cod Bay with a private beach on the property. In addition to the water symbols, fire is also a key element in the story. Torches and firewood are used in a ritualistic pagan ceremony. It sets the mood for what happens next, and it’s HAWT.

If you’d like to read more about fire and hot showers in my book, I’d love it if you picked up a copy of my book.

Thanks Reena for allowing me to share with your readers. I really appreciate it.


In Spring into Summer, a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas, four women explore their sexual limits, marked by love, lust, and loss.

Life for Claire Pelletier is changed forever when she meets a professor who teaches her a most important lesson in “A Season for Everything.”

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man in “Unlocking the Mystery” and discovers the key to her own heart.

With an open mind, Ava Connors attends a party but wonders if reality can ever live up to her hottest fantasies in “Summer Solstice.”

In “The Lottery,” Sierra Zhao sacrifices herself to numerous men to help a friend, fully aware of the consequences.

With locations in London, Dublin, Cape Cod, and Bangkok, these four women will seek pleasure to alter their lives and push their sexual boundaries.

Grab your copy at Amazon.com || Amazon.UK

In Fall into Winter, a provocative collection of erotic novellas, four women seek pleasure in unique ways and are soon swept up in maelstroms of lust, seduction, and obsession.

After Ella Jamieson trades self-control for a stolen moment of unbridled passion with a younger man, he surprisingly pursues her, leaving her wondering if he could become more to her than just a boy toy. After Stella Christy’s fantasy of a ménage à trois with two men comes true, the rules suddenly change; she finds herself excited and terrified in ways she never imagined possible. Leah Jones isolates herself in a cabin to complete her latest book, but is soon distracted from her goal when she reunites with a man from her past. Ten years after Elena Lee enjoys a torrid love affair while vacationing in Austria, she is back in historic Salzburg with doubts about why she left.

Knee-deep in steamy affairs, these four women will make choices that eventually lead each of them on an unforgettable sensual journey to ecstasy.

Contains graphic language and sexual content.

Available at Amazon.com || Barnes & Noble || Amazon.co.uk || Amazon.ca || Apple Bookstore || Chapters Indigo || Smashwords 
Now available at these Toronto retailers: Ben McNally Books || Good For Her || Toronto Women’s Bookstore

About the Author

Eden Baylee writes literary erotica and erotic romance. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. Spring into Summer is her second collection of erotic novellas.

Find Eden Baylee online!

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  2. All this talk of Spring into Summer has gotten me eager. As soon as I finish going through email, I’m going to kick back and read a story. I refuse to be left out of the loop!

  3. Both collections certainly look steamy & exciting. I don’t think you can beat a hot shower myself.

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