Sunday Showcase #3

Just one lonely book this week, but a worthy one. 🙂

Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered “dogless sled” in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow forever. The problem? Fortune seekers and airship pirates are after her for the secret to flash gold, her late father’s alchemical masterpiece.

With her modified rifle and a pocketful of home-made smoke bombs, Kali wouldn’t normally hide from a confrontation, but taking on a whole airship single-handedly is a daunting task. Unfortunately, the other racers won’t assist her–they’re too busy scheming ways to sabotage her unorthodox sled.

When a sword-slinging stranger shows up, wanting to hire on as her protector, she’s sure he has ulterior motives, but he’s the only one interested in helping her. The question is…why?

An 18,000-word (80 page) novella

Why I picked it up: As you might recall, Lindsay Buroker stopped by last week for a Teaser Tuesday and Who Art Thou Thursday. I fell in love with her excerpt of Flash Gold and ran to pick it up. Okay, okay. It’s an eBook. So I lounged on the couch and clicked a few buttons until Amazon sent it to my Kindle.

Available:  Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles


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