Something Weird + Spontaneous Giveaway

Okay, I haven’t been posting regularly. Shame on me. I’m hoping to remedy that situation soon by participating in some blog tours. If you’re an author and need a stop, keep me in mind. 🙂 I want that to be my new thing here.

So the weird. I have no idea what’s been going on with my auto-thingie around this place. Last week, I must have pushed the publish button before finishing my Saturday Special post. Then when I tried to fix it, it wouldn’t post… or rather didn’t repost. Gah! Well, I’ve rescheduled that one for this Saturday.

Odd thing today though. I don’t know if you all did, but I received an auto-email about a January post today. What’s the deal with that!? I checked my blog calendar to see if I accidentally moved it, and nope. Everything looks as it should be.

Oh, I hope things work themselves out. Well, I’m rambling, as I’ve been known to do. I don’t even know if I’m making sense. I hope no one unsubscribes because of it. Usually I don’t simply ramble unless I have something to offer in addition.

You all didn’t notice, but I just had a long pause where I thought “why not offer something… but what?” Okay… so I’m changing the title of this post from “Something Weird” to “Something Weird + Spontaneous Giveaway.”

This is how you enter, because I’m lazy in a not so spontaneous way. 🙂

1) Subscribe to my mailing list

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Keep in mind, one winner is chosen each month in subscriber-only giveaway, and you’re automatically entered each month once you’re on my subscriber list. So that’s a bonus. 🙂 More details on that here.

2) Leave a comment that you subscribed.

Make sure with this comment that you leave either the email address or name you subscribed under, so I can match the winner to my subscription list.

3) Bonus entry – Share about this post on your social media

In a SECOND comment, please leave a link where you shared. For example, if you shared on twitter, leave the twitter status. You can find this by clicking on the status post, then clicking the details. From there, simply copy and paste the URL link into a comment. Don’t forget to leave your name or email if you didn’t leave it in your original comment as stated in guideline 2. A similar feature for leaving a link is available on Facebook. I believe you just click the time you made the post and it’ll bring you to the direct URL.

That’s it. This giveaway will last a week long, plus a few spontaneous days. Ends April 1, and that’s no joke.

Oh yeah! The prizes!

Let’s go with 3 winners this time.

First Prize

Your Choice ($20 value): $20 eGift Card at B&N, $20 worth of books at The Book Depository (TBD), or $20 worth of books at Smashwords. The winner can mix and match even as long as the total doesn’t exceed $20. So if you want to do $10 at Smashwords and a $10 B&N card, that’s fine. Or $15 at TBD and $5 at Smashwords, you’re good.

Second Prize

Your Choice ($10 value): You’re choice of $10 worth of books at TBD or Smashwords. Again, you’re free to mix and match as long as your prize doesn’t exceed $10.

Third Prize

Indie Support ($5 value): What can I say. I’m an indie author who supports indie authors. 🙂 Third prize winner may pick out $5 worth of books at Smashwords.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

This giveaway is international.
Winners will have 72 hours to respond.

*International winners for the Book Depository must be listed here: over 100 countries.

See giveaway policy for nitty gritty.