Special Post: The Plunge

So, I finally decided to do it. What you ask? Publish one of my works, that’s what! So it’s a short story, nothing big. But it does give me a chance to test the waters and all. So, without further ado, Control Freak: Brandon’s Story.

Brandon is an overworked husband with a wife who wants a little too much. Sex, that is. When his wife starts throwing him hints about bondage and masochism, he’s sure she’s flipped. In the end, Brandon must decide which lines he’s willing to cross for the women he loves. Short Story: 3260 Words

A word of warning, it’s quite graphic, at least on the sexual front. But that’s okay. It’s short enough you can probably hide in a closet or something without getting caught why you get uhm…”involved in the read. So for those interested in finding out what kind of things run through my head, check it out! It’s available on Smashwords. I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to write a review, rate it, send me an email, whatever.

For those who give me a shot, thanks a million! For those who forgo my work…uhm. Thanks for stopping by? 🙂