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Have you made your rounds? If you haven’t, get busy. 🙂 Today marks the last day of the Meet the Characters Blog Tour. We have something special for you this post. Carolyn Hockley has offered up an excerpt from her book Azari Crossing Quinn’s Evolution – Book One. Enjoy!

Azari Crossing: Quinn’s Evolution

Maya’s right hand flew to her chest as her body shook with fear. She stared at the man she knew to be Mister Jeffery, but she couldn’t shake her confusion enough to say his name. Nothing but a small squeak came out: “Meis?”

Mister Jeffery smiled at her. He reached for her right hand and squeezed it ever so gently. “Yes, Maya, it’s me. Please don’t be scared. We will explain what is happening,” he said in his calm, quiet voice. Then he looked over at Miss Charlotte and nodded.

The warrior standing in front of Quinn nodded back and said, “Yes, let’s get a bit more comfortable, shall we?” She rolled up the left sleeve of her uniform to expose a copper-coloured bracelet on her wrist. As Quinn watched her use her index finger to trace one of the lines on the bracelet, he realized it was, in fact, a tattoo. All at once the sandy floor disappeared beneath their feet; a thick chocolate-brown carpet took its place. He hadn’t felt a thing, but as she spread her arms out to the sides, a bright copper light flooded the space around them and the space directly in front of them transformed into a cozy living room, complete with leather furniture, coffee tables covered with drinks and food, six floor lamps, a huge bookshelf, and a stone fireplace. The walls were covered with antique oil paintings of historical events and two windows draped with thick tapestry curtains hung opposite the fireplace.

April screamed and then collapsed. With lightning quick reflexes, Mister James scooped her up before she hit the carpet and gently laid her body down on one of the loveseats.

“M-Miss Charlotte?” Quinn repeated with questioning eyes. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or betrayed that the warrior was her. Her face was the same but her physique was trim and more athletic. “H-how did you just… I mean, there’s no way you…” He couldn’t finish. He had absolutely no idea how to finish. He looked over at the other teens closest to him in age; his eyes searched theirs for help.

They were as white as vampires. None of them had spoken or even blinked for the past several minutes. Finally, Mister On reached out for Juina. As soon as his hand touched her arm, she snapped out of her trance and jumped back, arms swinging out in an effort to shoo him away. He somehow managed to coax her into sitting down. Miss Susan moved to Janus and led him to a loveseat. He moved robotically as he let her gently pull him along. Mister Jeffery did the same with Maya.

Then, one high-back wooden stool materialized next to each teen. The gift givers moved to the stools and sat down. Miss Charlotte motioned for Quinn to sit on the lounge chair beside her.

Maya subconsciously reached for her shoulder and gently rubbed the sock in an effort to settle the throbbing. She stared at Mister Jeffery’s clothes. His impeccably-tailored suit look had been replaced with a taut black battle uniform. The new clothing could not hide his solid, muscular form. He looked so formidable. She opened her mouth to ask him something and then closed it again. No one was talking. She would wait. The teens were studying the warriors beside them – people they had known their whole lives. The gift givers were calm and allowed the teens some time to relax.

After a few more minutes, Miss Charlotte cleared her throat and stood. She walked to the centre of the “room” and began to speak, her thick Scottish accent gone. “We are Luminares, which is Italian for Luminaries. We are immortals but have returned to our human forms for our assignment.” She paused and looked each of the five teens in the eyes for a brief moment before resting her gaze on Quinn. “I am your Luminare, Quinn. I am like a guardian. I was sent to Edinburgh to watch over you from the time you were born. I know all of this must be hard to believe,” she paused again to acknowledge the other Luminares. “We are here to guide and help you…”

About the Characters

Five teens, seemingly average kids from five different countries across the globe, are anything but ordinary. When approached by their ‘Luminares’, or guardians, and each presented with a small copper box, life gets interesting. These ‘Luminares’ are adults who have been in their lives since they were born – watching, guarding, protecting the teens until the day when the Arazi Royals need them. Brought together and zipped off to a new, unknown world, the teens are told of their true destinies. Accepting their new futures, Quinn, Maya, Janus, April and Juina must travel together, back in history, and help each other fulfill their own personal quests. Will these five teens become the new Royals of Arazi Crossing? Will they stand together, united for Good against a multitude of Evil forces? For the future of the human race… we hope so.

About Carolyn Hockley

Lives in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Loves her two children, her BF, her super-smart German shepherd and her small, but fiercly devoted circle of friends. Fav past-times are writing, reading, landscape photography, spending time talking with teens, prime time tv shows, movies, drinking coffee, watching her kids glide through the water during swim meets and practices, hiding from “G” (her dog) and giggling until she finds her, playing fb games and beating the pants off her opponents!

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Meet the Characters Blog Tour

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