The Joys of Procrastination (Congress Sucks – Part One)

I admit. I’m one of the least informed person when it comes to news… including what’s happening in the government. I don’t watch the news, and I seldom read the news on the internet. Typically, I find out what’s happening through my husband. Once in a while, some random person will fill me in. Other than that, I’m in a boat, coasting along… blissfully ignorant.

Because I live in a military town, I’m aware of the sequester. Apparently, they’re making/made LOTS of cutbacks at the post near my home. As a result, we’re likely to see a trickle effect which is bound to make our local economy sad. My household economy is already sad, though it was sad before the sequester. 🙁

I’m also in the know about Congress failing to pass a budget. Today, I decided to read the news and found the partial government shutdown has pushed into week 3, which has me saying WTF.

The budget comes around once a year. It’s not like it’s some big surprise date. Even someone as ignorant as me knows October 1 is the date. So, why oh why, do they wait until the week before October to start fussing about the lack of a budget. On top of that, why do people have to be pulled back from vacation to deal with it?

It’s almost as if the date approaches, and someone mentions it in passing. “Don’t forget we need to get the budget out next week.” “Oh? Was that next week. I completely forget… we’ll be on our family vacation.”

Apparently, Congress has had the President’s Budget proposal since April (shame on you Mr. President for being late). So, why are they just getting around to the budget in September?

I don’t know when they’ll get this budget passed, but it makes me wonder. How is it Congress is able to get a budget together in a few weeks, but they couldn’t accomplish in the prior 5 MONTHS?

128px-Seal_of_the_United_States_Congress.svgCould you imagine treating your job like that? How long do you think you’d last. You get hired for a 2 year contract to complete a set number of tasks. You dink around for the first 8 months. Other than thwart the work of others, the only thing you manage to do for the year is complete reimbursement forms for fake business expenses and conspire with other co-workers to sneak in a hefty raise your company can’t afford because of some other underhanded bribes you managed to weasel from company funds.

You know the company can’t afford the financial choices you’re making for it. Instead, you consider further leveraging the company in debt to pay for your special spending interests, while passing the blame to someone else.

Finally, the week before a major deadline (passing the company budget) you’ve known about since… well, since you where hired 8-9 months ago, you pretend to panic. You tell the people you’ve been trying to screw over for the past 9 months, if they don’t cater to what you want, you’ll stop signing paychecks for company employees and blame everyone else for being uncooperative.

You refuse to compromise right up to the deadline, then go through with your threat… no more paychecks! Well, no more paychecks for everyone but you… cause only a lunatic cuts his own throat.

I just don’t get it. If I worked the way Congress worked, I’d be fired the first month. Failure to do my job would negate my contract.