We Got Winners!

I’m really happy with the arrivals this week. Both the novels are outside my normal genres but really pique my interest. First up!

I’ve wanted Touched by an Alien for a while now. I’d never heard of sci-fi romances until I saw this book advertised on a blog. I’m not a fan of contemporary romance, and my interest in romances wasn’t  revive until someone introduced me to paranormal romances. Here’s the thing. I’ve read very few sci-fi novels. In fact, I can only think of two: Jenna Starborn and the Ender’s Game series. Okay, Ender’s Game is a series, not a single novel, but still. You get my drift. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this book. As soon as I finish Darkest Lie, this one’s next. Thanks, Monica (The Bibliophilic Book Blog).

This book I can see myself reading right after Touched by an Alien. I won Rampant for my second place entry on Melissa Barlow’s blog Surviving Writing a Book in her Zombie vs Unicorns contest. Go Team Unicorn! Yum! Apparently this novel is about killer unicorns and a young girl’s quest to destroy these useful beasts. If you follow this blog, you know I’m new to the YA genre. I’m thinking this will be a fun read. Thanks again, Melissa. 🙂