Presents Make Me Happy

Even if I have to buy them myself. 🙂 I received some awesome goodies in the mail over the past couple of weeks. Yeah…I’m a bit slow on the ball. Still, let me share with you.

I’ve wanted these novels for quite some time. So, I finally decided to fulfill my wants and buy them. 🙂 Mockingjay is first on my list to conquer. I’m about 250 pages into this novel. Like I said, this post is a little late. Expect a review on it this coming Monday.

Okay. Now this isn’t my normal read. HOWEVER!!! I’m positive my mother would love it. She’s captivated by spiritual journeys. I’ll pass this on to her this weekend. I hope she loves it, cause it’ll be my turn next. So how did I get this in my greedy little hands? I was lucky enough to win this from Cuzinlogic. Thanks, LaTonya!

I’m quite fond of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve read the complete series a couple of times. Very unusual for a gal like me. Normally I’ll read a book once, and go back in the series to skim for reminders. Anyway, I won this book at Luxury Reading. It even has a built in marker. Once I finish The Great Gatsby, this definitely will replace my bathroom reading. And yes! I read in the bathroom. 🙂 Thanks, Vera!